UniBlogs: Lazy But Productive Day

After ending last nights blog, I listened to about 40 more songs - maybe it was 60 - before I tuned into the evening's meditation session.

Usually I don't believe meditation to work too well, or haven't found the right setup for me - but this session was actually incredibly helpful!

After a bit of talking introducing the session, the hosters of the event played a 2 minute meditation clip - and I actually felt much better after. The main theme was to look around you when you are stressed or anxious or in a tough moment, to just take a moment and stop. Look around you, breath and notice your surroundings - close your eyes, do you smell or hear something in particular - if you close your eyes - your other senses are enhanced.

Despite only being the first session, it went very very well, and they are thinking of having longer meetings in the future.

Following being very, very relaxinated, I got up and made (yes, made, shock horror!) dinner/tea of sausages and pasta.

Cooking Classes With Robin

For the first time EVER cooking on an electric hob, I think it was an absolute success and a half!

On a gas hob, I usually put the Sausages on for 15 minutes, and pasta in for 11 - with electric everything is a lot quicker - Originally I put the Sausages on for 10, and Pasta on for 6 - however the Sausages were getting scarily "done" - when I taste-tested the Pasta, it was like I had just dipped them in water. Still pretty solid.

I lowered the heat on the Sausages just to keep them warm, and gave the Pasta another 3 minutes, and they were perfect.

Next issue - the sink. The sink was much too wide for the sieve to sit, so I somehow managed to rest the sieve on the bottom of the sink (as it was wide, but rather shallow) - I whacked a lob of butter in, left it to melt before slapping it all on a plate.

Despite spilling a tiny bit of dried pasta on the floor - it was actually quite a massive success - and if I perhaps put the sausages on for 10 minutes, and pasta in for 9, that could work - but first I gotta deal with the other meat in the fridge.

After this I'd meet my second corridor neighbour...who's name also starts with a J....I've gotta start getting permission - but I'll call him J2 for now, since he's the second to arrive. But J2 came in to make his dinner/tea, as I was washing up.

J2, I found out was from Jersey, and was studying Geography (J, studying Photography) but didn't find out all to much about his likes/interests/hobbies aside from this.

As I cleared the kitchen, (and washed up my stuff) J2 made soup for himself before we both retired for the night

Tuesday 22nd September (The Proper Lazy Day)

I originally woke up at 9 or 10, but turned over and slept for another few hours - then waking up at 12. I questioned all of my life choices, but went along with it.

Tuesday was my day off - A lazy day if you will. before I went to sleep the previous night (listening to some quality tunes) I told J that I wanted to go to town tomorrow (Tue) to get some charging plugs for my iPhone (since my other one was now starting to break (had been for a while)

Fast forward to this morning - sorry, afternoon - I got up, checked notifications on my laptop - then found out that Wolverhampton had gone into local lockdown starting today (Tuesday). Beforehand, it was just no more than six people, but as of today, here are the rules that we must adhere to:

As disappointing as it is - I see why it's in place

If every single student at Wolverhampton (19,045 as of 2018-2019) visited only five people outside of uni - that's a total of 95,225 people that all students have visited combined (not including students) - double that to ten people outside - the number raises to 190,450 - with 7 million active cases (403,000 Total Dead/Alive/Recovered In The UK) - that's a very, very high chance of just one person catching it - and with the small proximity that university students live with one another - it could turn into a tidal wave.

I walked down the the corridor to find , to tell him I'm ready if he is. Getting Tech

Turns out in the kitchen there were three people...which was rather surprising since on previous visits to the kitchen, there was at most one. These people were - J, J2 and someone I hadn't seen before, A. All boys understandably (put aged 18+ boys in accomodation with girls and you've got massive trouble!)

After a short discussion, me and J2 would go (originally to Maplin, but as with Toys R Us, it became defunct in 2018) to Curry's PC World to buy a charger - after I missed e a turning we eventually got there (and in one piece too XD)

Of course I'd leave my mask and wallet either at the accommodation or elsewhere, so would have to buy one, (mask) but with that sorted we entered Curry's.

As if by coincidence, the Chargers (that I needed) and Laptops that J2 were looking for were in the same area.

Less than an hour later, we'd leave Curry's with , 2 chargers in hand, ever so kindly paid for by J2, which was unbelievably kind of him.

We headed back to the accommodation and I returned to my room after another safe journey.

I'd pay J2 back for buying my mask and chargers before just lazily chilling out on my laptop, informing those in charge of the meditation sessions that they should "book me for every single day because I loved the first!!" and having a good old time.

This is the only issue with blogging and vlogging - when nothing happens and you just chill and reply to notifications - what do you say? What do you talk about? What do you mention? You want to make your b/vlog interesting, and by saying "I did nothing" it makes it rather dull and uninteresting - which is the last thing you want as that will turn potential viewers and potential readers away Writing this gave me and idea - perfect, Tomorrow, Wednessday, will be the first day that I will be on and legally allowed on (due to attempts of reducing the number of students) on campus, where we will be in the area/theatre.

In the past moments, I have been also been told by all three of my neighbours - or "Social Bubble Members" - sounds a bit more professional, that they are alright with their names being mentioned - so, without further ado - let me introduce to you J - as James, J2 as Jya (J-eye-ah) and A, Andrew! Scary to think that I'll be spending the next three years with these same people - and hopefully even graduating with them! but thankfully, all three of them are absolutely charming - and to be honest, though I haven't spoken to Andrew a great deal - I wouldn't pick any other three I'd want to spend my three years here with!

Maybe once The Corona has died down a bit we'll all go to Spoons for a fancy night out!! XD

Right! My meditation starts in 23 minutes, I've got to mentally get myself in the headspace - thinking about having meatballs tonight!

Hopefully that isn't a disaster!

- RT


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