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UniBlog: The Good, The Bad And The Downright Ugly

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

I didn't want to write this blog. I never like writing blogs where I have to expose myself and share my weaknesses out with the public - but I guess it's a way of admitting to yourself that they are indeed your weaknesses - and indeed that they indeed need to be worked upon...Is what happened on Tuesday worse than being scammed? It depends.

It depends on how they scam you - 3/4 of the time, as long as you haven't directly given the cash (ATM to Money or giving bank notes) - there will be some sort of way of partially or fully refunding you - maybe not - maybe that's only if your card gets nicked - I'm not an expert...but it's often out of your control - you can do nothing but watch the scammer empties your account - either with or without your prior knowledge - what's important is that your powerless. What happened on Tuesday, I was in complete control of, and was consciously doing - the experience I had will ensure I will NEVER do it again - and hopefully, you reading this blog will learn a thing or two from it too.

Monday 9th November, 2020

The start of this week really didn't go to plan for me....although Monday was okay, Monday is always okay.

This Monday in particular was actually pretty darn decent as two suggestions I had pitched to the team for quite the while now finally came into fruitiation.


Monday saw the discussion about Kabort Merchandise finally begin.

Of course, it would start with some questionable suggestions before then slowly moving from undergarments to shirts, jerseys and hats (something a little more likely to be bought)

Kabort Live

Oh yes - you heard that right...we're planning a live event! Weather it's a simple barbeque in one's garden or a group of us going to the Le Mans, Nurburgring and/Or Spa 24 Hours - a large portion of Kabort are thoroughly excited for their first ever in person meet up - 5 already confirming they are interested in some form of race meeting.

The Lecture

Monday's lecture was looking at feature writing and more specifically how to write a feature length article (in terms of layout and what to write in each paragraph).

This really helped because the assignment asks you to "beef" out your article - needing it to be eight or more paragraphs long.

The biggest thing I learnt from this lecture was that the second paragraph is about keeping them interested, reading and informed about what your article is about in addition to including a "Killer Quote" at the end of the last paragraph summarising the whole thing up instead of repeating exactly what you said in the very first paragraph.

The use of multimedia such as stats, illustrations, infoboxes, quotes and specific boxes of background info also improve a feature article.

Our task for this lecture was to look at an article about students' reaction to university staying open during Lockdown 2.0 - understandably they were quite upset - and answer a few questions about it (e.g: what did you like about it, what didn't you like about it, list a multimedia element used etc.)

In short, it was rather biased towards the students and making the Lockdown 2.0 seem like a very bad thing for students and Uni (or that Uni) should be shut.

And then it was Monday Night. Oh Dear Oh Dear. My stupid ass brain thought that my girlfriend was manipulating me into liking her - and then I went down this rabbit hole of horrible thoughts of like "that's the whole point of manipulation to get the other person to love you, if I was to manipulate someone I'd say the very same things" yardy yardy yar - As you can see, I was tired, probably hungry, and not in a fit state to make a decision - but I messaged Annie saying I wanted a break up - but she was not having it - and I must thank her for that.

She told me to not do anything I'd regret and a couple of reasons why we should stay together...listing all the things we had planned - and I realised it was just another ebb - relationships aren't easy and I'm agnostic so I can say this - God is control - whatever happens is for the best and I believe God has brung Annie into my life to bring happiness, love, and hopefully a wife one day - the harder days make the sweet days even sweeter.

Let's say everything was plain sailing - cool - but how do you differentiate between the good days and the bad days? It's hard to - in 3 years at least I can look back and say - look where we came from - look where we were and where we are now - personally I think Annie will be a great wife/fiancee and mum - as much as I hate to admit it - I do like her authoritative stance - Lord help me if a woman asked me to take charge - I would be frozen solid.

This relationship has never happened before in history - before 2020 I never even met or knew Annie - so every relationship on planet earth is brand new - some work and the chemistry is lit on fire, and other times the couple just need to keep searching and find their other puzzle pieces - but all these Hollywood shows - they are bullshit - no relationship is like that - that's why films are only two hours long - any longer and the couple would start to get pissed off at one another - and that wouldn't look good.

As Optimus said - and as I said - having little "spats" (sizzling spitting sausages) keeps the relationship alive - keeps it interesting - and thus far, since being back togehter (oops spoiler) I haven't made any mistakes, and she hasn't told me off for anything - something's obviously going to happen eventually but that's life, you just gotta take life and it's challenges head on and deal with them.

Jeez 7 paragraphs about relationships - I'm so sorry - but it's important it's what's on my mind, and it's what's happening to me and if you didn't sign up for a life story - then I turn this to you WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING ON UNIBLOG?!?!!? What Did You Come Here For?!?


(Oh, also Annie's getting her laptop fixed so we can watch Glee together again woop woop!)

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Oh boy. Tuesday. Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. I've avoided it long enough, and now it's time to face it head on.

But first a little bit of positive news - I've reached the half-way point on my Africa to China road-trip in my "Virtual Road Trip Across The World"

Taking a short break on Ageeba Beach, Egypt

I haven't been bored since leaving the South Africa both in real life and in this Virtual adventure - so all is good.

One thing I didn't quite realise is how diverse Africa is! I honestly thought that it was just one giant desert - but Cape Town is a MASSIVE City - and one bigger than I anticipated!

The last thing I expected to find in Africa was rainforests - and that's exactly what I stumbled upon! If it wasn't for my big tyres, those bogs would have swallowed me whole!


With the exception of making up with my girlfriend and sorting out our relationship and continuing what had been an eventful but THOROUGHLY enjoyable 5 months of dating.

I left my accomodation at 13:50 - exactly 10 minutes before my lecture was due to start - and with a bit jogging I'd only just make it - only to discover one other person there, but at least I wasn't late!

This lecture really bought to light the the paper shortage problem I was having - I started with two small notebooks and a notepad, now I've resorted to writing on the back of th GT Cup programme - which, as you know, has only a limited number of pages...but so far, I'm surviving - but I've got to source a notepad from somewhere.

The Lecture - Representing The Real

This lecture was about how women journalists are portrayed in media.

In 1901 - only 9% of journalists were female - and since then they have only increased by tenfold.

Women would also use pseudonyms to be taken more seriously and sell more copies - because there was very much some sexism in the journalism sphere the previous days - and still a little bit to this day

Robert Galbraith was J.K Rowling's pseudonym

Following this, Lynn let us watch the screening at home as had we watched the movie in the lecture - by the time we'd leave it'd certainly be dark...and I'm not a huge fan of walking in the dark - especially in Wolverhampton.

I'd return back to my accomodation safe and sound, before I'd quickly leave again with my wallet and without my bag/laptop. I'd quickly run (jog) to the parcel collection area and showed my I.D. Aside from two issues of Autosport, there was a large Debenhams branded box - I giggled in excitement and glee. It arrived!

New: Left

Old: Right


Was moving my laptop from my desk to my bed - and was carrying about half a dozen wires (laptop charger, headset wires, phone charger) and one caught on the bottom of the mug and essentially pushed it off the desk and slamming violently onto the floor - smashing it.

I know it's just a mug - but it reminds me of the good times earlier this year when I'd Uber my friends across the country. It was a fiver, so not too pricey - but definitely worth it.

After this, I'd grab a couple of bags and head out to ASDA - the sun was lower than the houses meaning that it could have been lighter, but the sky was still light. These would be my last few moments of sanity that night.

I enter ASDA. It's fairly busy, but it's 3.30 or 4, so It's expected (after school)

I start to grab the bog standard stuff, breaded chicken pieces, meatballs, cocktail sausages..before then turning around and making a horrible, horrible mistake. I discovered oven meals.

Delicious entire meals that could just be popped in the oven for less than an hour and viola, there's dinner...I remember living off oven meals at college...and wanted one...

What's so wrong with this?

Nothing in itself, but thus far I've survived a month and three weeks without having one...I bought two - not life changing, but not ideal.

I continued shopping, and then got to the confectionary aisle. All sense left me.

Usually I have a bit of confectionary like a bag of sweets or so.

Knowing that this bag of Haribos lasts a matter of minutes, I thought "Okay, If a bag of Haribos lasts a minute...lets buy SEVERAL sweets so that I can't eat them all in one sitting - maybe a couple of days even...

I'd have all my favourites, and even thought about getting a little something for the family in addition to an advent calendar (IT'S 3 WEEKS - LESS THAN A MONTH!!! I COULDN'T STOP MYSELF!!!!)

I'd then go down the the bakery, and grab some bagels...and a chocolate chip cookie...and a small box of shortbread cookies....and some mini brownies....

With all this I headed to the self-checkout, passing by (Okay, I admit, I did stop and pick something up) the biscuit isle - the bag on my back was full and so was the basket I collected from the entrance.


I was never taught about "overdrafts" - and if I was, I forgot about it - but my thinking was that the overdraft allows you to spend as much as you like, as long as you eventually - or quickly (within the week) pay it wrong I was.

I scanned every item, swiped my card expecting that it would just let me go on my merry wrong I was....How fucking wrong.

Turns out an overdraft is the remainder of the money you had at the time of your previous payment. (e.g: I have £100, spend £90 on a Tennis Racket, and then wanted to buy something else - I'd have £10 of normal balance, but still the £100 before the most recent purchase - I think, something like that, not sure.

Turns out I didn't have enough to buy ASDA's confectionary aisle - so I took off a good £10 - £15 worth off confectionary off (damn, the embarrassment of being a young person at ASDA having a member of staff swipe items off the self-check out whilst having a relatively large pile of confectionary next to me - there was - it almost killed me especially with the size of the queue.

Eventually I had reduced enough to be able for the card to work. I am so lucky I only went overboard on the sweets and nothing else - I was able to keep the shortbread, tiny little chocolate reindeer, advent calendar and surprise for the family.

What Do You Have To Say For Yourself?!

First of all, I now know that an overdraft is only so deep and that I can be out of control and gotta watch out for that in the future.


I'm glad it happened. I'm glad I got that experience - of having to remove items and finding out that the overdraft has a limit.

I think there was a few reasons why this happened.... 1) I was hungry - I had last eaten at breakfast - and as I eat out of boredom, excitement and loving the taste of the previous one (in the pack) - so continue eating and want more making confectionary maker's ploy works.

2) I didn't know my limit - I tried to see how much I had bought but unpacking both bags was too much effort, so I risked it and ultimately paid the price.

3) Marketing and previous experience - I always go for the same confectionary - I never buy new confectionary I've never had before (unless I like the brand e.g: Oreos, Maltesers)

4) I'm Skinny - I know binge-eating sweets isn't the answer, but I don't put on the pounds - even after a heavy meal (big meal and/or at a fast food restaurant)

Well, that's out there now - and I'm SO glad that it happened this way - food is vitally important to survival - without food (and water) you'd die within mere days. Yes, I should have been MUCH more conservative with my money, but I'm glad the reason I'm out of money is because I bought food and filled up my (our) fridge, which will be put to good use - energising myself and giving me strength and basically keeping me alive.

Had I spent £33 on a model car, or a soft toy or goodness anything else inanimate which you can only look at....jeez the situation would be vastly different.

Are you gonna do that again?!!?

Of course not. I've learnt my lesson.

Am I rolling around on the floor like a dying Sim just because I couldn't have sweets? No. Do I miss purchasing confectionary? Not really - I had my shortbread squares and that's enough. Did I need to buy sweets? Nope. Had I bought the sweets, not only would I be even poorer than I am (not buying the confectionary), but I'd have an abundance of sweet wrappers...and once they're gone....they're gone. So it's not even a life-changing purchase. Definitely not worth the cost.

I think had I ONLY bought the confectionary, it would have been at most £20 - but on-top of my regular weekly shop (+ an oven tray because the last was too big to fit in the oven)...but still. Pretty Damn Stupid.

I'd exit ASDA after my hugely dramatic ordeal to be greeted with darkness. The one thing I was trying to avoid.

I'd take the long, lit road-side way back to my accommodation - definitely not worth risking walking down a shady-ass allyway at this time of night - especially after what I had just been through.

I'd unload the bags, put the things in the fridge...and then return to my room.

The second bad decision of the night then happened.

I wanted to simply update some old blogs I did a while back and wanted to update.

The first blog to receive this treatment was "Kabort's Trophy Cabinet" - a simple list of Kabort's podiums and the drivers that won those trophies...simple enough.

After finishing the content of the blog, I wanted a new cover I booted up The Sims 4 and loaded into the Kabort HQ,

went to the front desk in-game and......

Changed the entire building - every room, every item and every wall - to resemble ProDrive's warehouse in Banbury...let's just remember, all I was supposed to do was get an image of the in-game trophy cabinet, slap it in wix and go to bed...but no.

I ended up doing an all nighter - only realising the time when I saw it was 5am. At that time realising sleep would be absolutely pointless - and would skew my sleep schedule.

Eventually I did get the shot...

Please, don't do all-nighters - it's not cool and it's certainly not worth it - but with the amount I slaved over it, I think it definitely deserves to be shown:

The interior is also rather spectacular, but I'll show that in another blog - there's a fair few images!

Following this (rather huge) update, I'd also update the story of my iRating and Kabort's Driver-List - finishing about 6 or 7 or so.

So, I had a shower at about 8 or so with 0 hours sleep. This was followed by breakfast, and then catching up on sleep - sleeping through the two-minute silence for the end of World War One (11th Nov).

Despite the lack of sleep I had, I felt surprisingly decent - weather it was because I had a "snooze" (or nap, or kip - whatever you want to call it).

Wednesday only further improved when I received from Terry Gibson - a representative of the University's Formula 3 who was wanting to arrange a meeting to discuss about covering not only the 2021 season, but the build up too...This was beyond my wildest dreams - and I will (hopefully) be hearing from him sometime early next week!!! I'll certainly keep you up to date with that!

That night I had Pizza!

Also on Wednesday I'd make a massive start on quite a number of my assignments - sorting out the layout, but not the content itself.

Thusday 12th November

Thursday was a rather chilled day, waking up at 9, thinking my lecture was an hour than it actually was at 10. Had the lecture which was about Media Law - and why journalists have to abide by laws.

The Lecture

The lecture started off with us going over what a "genre" is, before looking into the "criminal" side of law - the types of court (magistrates and Crown Court) going over the differences between them).

Within this lecture, we also went over what you're allowed/not allowed to do in court.

One interesting thing I found out was that the court-artist isn't actually allowed to start their work in the court-room itself, instead afterwards.

This lecture ended with my Professor/Lecturer going over the first template of my assignment (on Citizen Journalism) and gave me ideas of potential content to include.

I've just had a thought - Isn't an assignment basically an extra-extra long blog in third person? Because I've done a fair few blogs - and I was just thinking - if I add maybe five'd make the feature-writing length.

Following the lecture, I'd do a bit of analysis and comparing (the difference between documents I've got on my laptop with the same name...

And just like that, In the snap of a finger it's almost 1 in the morning on a Friday - The weekend has arrived again...Let's hope it's a good one.

- RT


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