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UniBlog - A Baby Rollercoaster of a Tiny Little Weekend + UniBlog logo!!

I don't usually put a curse-word in the title of my blog - but this weekend, I truly feel how that's represented my weekend.

Let's start off with the positive shall we?


Personally, I'm quite proud of it - the dark, calm colours, the not too "crazy" design it's minimalist, and I like it.

Wednesday 4th November

On Wednesday 4th November, I wrote in my 2021 Academic Calendar that I wanted to write a piece on "My 2020" and just go over some of the biggest parts of my year, and I was like "okay, shouldn't be too long - I mean I've had a good year - I'm at Uni listening to Avacii whilst England is under lockdown (again) - shouldn't be that difficult"....

Accelerate to this weekend, I spent the whole weekend writing it - realised I've had a much wilder year than I initially realised....

Currently we're looking at a 30 minute read - and we still have 53 days left of the year including christmas....youcha.

Sunday 8th November

Sunday was meant to be (as planned by myself) spent sorting out my assignments and getting the structure (headings) right - however was spent continuing on writing my Year In Review blog-post listening to a endless playlist of Avacii songs (YouTube does this awesome thing where it just auto-plays music - even if you're not in the tab)...usually this gives me a variety of artists - but YouTube and I have agreed on the fact that once you listen to one Avacii song, you've gotta listen to them all.

The same happened whilst listening to "Wowkie Zhang" a Chinese "CEDM" (Chinese Electric Dance Music) artist - I ended up on a massive tangent of CEDM artists - big (in China) and small. And with that, that pretty much wraps up my weekend - I had breaded chicken pieces last night, and tonight had some breaded fish pieces with some chips Jya bought beforehand (with permission of course! Tonight was an absolute rollercoaster.

from the disappointment of being able to watch Glee with Annie (not charged laptop) to the excitement of finding out that there was a 12hr race during Christmas that I could do (being at home) - offering the choice of the HPD (LMP2) and the two GT1'S (Chevrolet Corvette GT1 & Aston Martin DBR9 GT1) - a VERY unique set of cars.

In fear of what happened last time with missing the Broadbent hosted event, I registered the team immediately, putting me alongside Sir Smokey himself - William Burfield! Yup, that's right - the good old days of Truswell and Burfield doing enduros is back!

Since Will's got a new rig - this should be a good test for the rig - and should make Will even more competitive than he already is! (I mean, my lap-times plummeted after ditching the Green Ikea Chair)

This turned to sadness again at I realised a minimum of 1250 iRating was needed to compete - me with a measly 1044.

This turned to utter joy once more as Harry, the manager of entries, said that as long as I didn't cause chaos - a slightly lower iRating was absolutely fine because it was for charity and it was for fun - the rest of his leagues (that he runs) being more rule-based.

I thanked him profusely, told Will and then raved the night away to Alan Walker in eargasmic 8D at full volume

Weekend Race Results

This weekend was the date of three major endurance races

- The virtual Race of Remembrance on iRacing - which we didn't get any entries for due to discovering it too late

- The Endurance Le Mans Series at Monza - which we did get an entry for - XRL Daytona 24 Hours

XRL Daytona 24 Hours

The XRL Daytona 24 Hours was on endurance race to forget.

We were definitely in the running for a GTE podium after a strong qualifying of 18th/7th in class.


Daniel Weber (GER)

Adam J. Pearce (GBR)

Max Thorne (GBR)

The first couple of stints would go alright, looking at a potential podium...however the driving standards from the competition weren't quite up to par, and after getting pummelled more than once, the team's motivation had been slashed - and after 64 laps (almost two hours) the team called it quits and decided to retire from the race - it was simply too dangerous and not worth the risk.

Endurance Le Mans Series Saturday a MASSIVE well done to Thomas Jensen and Lars Bachmann took their SECOND win as a pairing at ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series ) at Monza after starting from 3rd and dominating the rest from the 11th lap onwards.

Here's Mr Jensen's review:

"Qualified 4th. not too shabby since Lars qualified with race fuel (full tank) Start was clean, no drama. and we got up to 3rd. the move on 2nd, was with contact. but they moved under braking. so not Lars´s fault. He was definitely the fastest on the track, so he passed 1st and pulled the gap up to 15 or 30 sec after his two stints. after my stints it was up to a minute and then we didn't look back..." Short and sweet - just like this blog!

Whilst on one side of the garage there was celebrations, the other side of the garage was empty. They had already gone home.

After early damage, the K2 would be deemed "uncompetitive", but the duo of Daniel Harris (AUS) and Ken Kylyshbek (CAN) would keep going no matter of this - but a crash and more damage later on crushed the duo's spirits and motivation - and they had no other option but to retire.

With Tijmen and Tommy not starting due illness (not COVID) it was down to the 14:00 on Sunday....


On Sunday we would have two entries.

Kabort K1 (LMP2)

Lars Bachmann (GER)

Adam Pearce (GBR)

Max Thorne (GBR)

Q: 18th

Kabort K4 (GTE)

Jonathan Keen (GBR)

Berkley Cox (USA)

Q: 45th (21st In Class)

Kabort K6

Tom Van De Pol (BEL) Spencer Kemble (USA)

Q: 37th (All LMP2 Split)

Race Results

After a decent start just hanging around the rear of the pack - the K1 car (LMP2) would brake slightly to late for the final corner, just clipping into a GTE Porsche. Contact would be made. Though no (mechanical) damage would be inflicted, after this Adam admitted his confidence in the car had gone. Lars jumped in - but unfortunately, Monza claimed him too. With this, the K1 car withdrew from the race.

In a post-race interview Adam said:

"yeah was a weird drive tbh, started off feeling really good, then I overshot one corner slightly and just didn't feel the same driving the car"

In K4 (GTE) News, the duo of Berkley Cox and Jonathan Keen would have an enjoyable day out, finishing 17th in class.

Finally, K6, The BENELUX squad - they finished P12 - from 36th it was quite an achievement!

Tomorrow is the final News Writing lesson before getting a crack on with the assignment...should be good, see you then! - RT


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