UniBlog: Returning To Uni

After a very good night's sleep, I slowly awoke at 11 or so - I said I wanted to leave by 12.30 (noon), but plans change.

What's The Difference Between A Weekend/Day At Home VS Uni?

The biggest difference, I believe, is the rig itself - at home, the rig is my life, and my life is the rig - from iRacing, BeamNG.Drive to Euro Truck Simulator - any game I whack on my monitor, I'm instantly teleported into that vehicle.

Obviously, at university, I don't have my rig, however I do still get by, albeit differently.

I do still spend my whole day/weekend indoors, but instead it's a little more "business based" - weather that's checking Kabort's Discord server, Excel Analytics, YouTube, Facebook - basically, without the laptop, (or assignments for that matter) I would be bored stiff - oh, sleeping and cooking is other things I do on the side as well!

So, after smelling my mother's delicious cooking in the kitchen, I decide to stay a little longer and have lunch with the family too, which was nice for them as I would not be seeing them for a little while after this visit (long journey + other personal reasons)

So, with a suitcase full of clean washing, a whiteboard ready to be filled with assignments and other nessecities, I got back on the road and headed back up north.

This trip was incredibly interesting - despite yet more dreary, miserable, rainy weather.

From a road-side (side of motorway) farm of geese, to Traffic Officer's Mitsubishi Shogun in "hiding" (only saw it at last minute, fortunately was going the correct speed) to a motorway bridge being built and even a Lamborghini Urus or two!

With quite a fair way to go...my mind started to drift....to a far off place....

Drifting off to "Don't Fecking Tailgate bruv, you're so annoying!! And If I gotta slam on the anchors, you better have some AP Brakes fitted!

My mind wondered further...how on this planet is "Jeep" not spelt "Geep" (Gee-p) Shouldn't it be Jay-eep? Though, Joyful has a "Guh" sounding J...weird.

Also memories. If I didn't write all this stuff down about the things I think about, and about seeing a goose and a motorway patrol (officer) car, and seeing a Urus, I wouldn't have remembered it and it wouldn't have made the blog - and this blog would have been a LOT shorter - I mean, very few people read/care about my blogs in the first place, but uni (I guess) is a lot to take in for a first experience just being properly "thrown out into the world" so even if these blogs get not a single view, I've got it for the memory, for the experience.

Maybe one day in the future, far, far off in the future if/when (delete as appropriate) I have kids, I'll show them how badly daddy's head was messed up - I mean, let's be brutally honest here, all I'm doing here is an online diary/journal...but branding it as a "blog" sounds so much more professional...

I mean go up to someone and say "I write in my diary every day", depending on your age, they will give you a different amount of concerned look - but go up to someone and say "I write a blog daily/every day" - or "I'm a blogger" or "I am a blog-writer" you'd get a totally different response - does doing something on word/computer make it better/more acceptable "grown up" - Sorry, It's 2:46am in the morning and I've just let my mind take over. Why do I do this?

And with that, I was at the university campus once again, back "home" to my accomodation.

With the amount of time I'll be spending here, VS Down South with my parents, I will be here almost 3/4 of the time, so maybe I should remove those quotation marks, because this IS my home. I'm paying rent, I'm sleeping, eating and working here...so TECHNICALLY I've moved out, so yes, I arrived home - to MY home nice and safe with no drama, tried to access my post but fumbled around with my key.

And then I found out.

I was going to take my laptop and mouse back to my parent's place, but then realised I already had a computer there, so there wouldn't be any point - but the one thing I did take was a little connector which connected my mouse to my laptop - why? Because I was going to take the laptop but didn't,

As with any good Truswell story this ends in absolute shittery, myself leaving it in my pocket, having the jumper it was residing in washed in the washing machine, before having a panic that I'd lost the connector, instead finding out that it was not lost, but completely fucked (well, it hadn't been tested but there's only so much a connector can survive, and I doubt a washing machine is one of them)

Of course, it was a Sunday and of course ASDA had closed, so I had a nice-ish, but pointless walk.

Following coming back, I had dinner - which was chicken nuggets (in fillet form) with Chips and veg kindly made by Jya, whilst I had another clusterfuck with as I realised that whilst I'd been away (on the weekend) the food I had bought was fast approaching it's use-by-date - (Yes, I should have taken going to my parents house into consideration before buying food, I know)....but as long as I have a three meal day tomorrow, I should be alright - and if not, it's back to ASDA I go for more fish (as I threw my last attempt at fish away due to the date), a wire(less) mouse and other foody items for the week.

So, disasters aside, 2020 in the bin, Trump in hospital and Boris Boogying, I had a very nice chicken nuggets* (fillet) in front of Top Gear - which was a little quiet, but fortunately with these programmes you can understand the gist, even if there's chatter going on elsewhere.

Challenge: Survive 24hrs in Boston, don't step foot on the ground, but you can climb into other people's cars for challeges Car Review: Ferrari SF90

And with that I begun blogging for a very long while....

And now it is time for me to sleep for guess what?






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