UniBlog: Interesting Couple Of Days

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Afternoon all, sorry about not uploading a blog in a day or so, was thinking about doing one, but either I totally forgot, or I was too tired to, alas.

We rewind to Thursday, which was incredibly uneventful, other than cooking a white chicken breast, which was personally a little dry, but you live and learn.

I also found a very nice list of places to go/visit in Wolverhampton - among other places, this list included a "Wild Zoological Park" and West Park - more on this later.

Friday - where I got up about 12 or so, didn't want to be judged, so moved straight onto cooking lunch however, I don't know what it was, but that day, I just felt "miffy" - or under the weather.

I cooked the chicken (this time it was a leg), and plopped it on the plate with some pasta and just as I sat down, whoompf. There goes my appetite. I just didn't feel like eating, I wasn't hungry.

I tried to eat a few bites, but I feared that had I continued I would have to "See It Again, In The Opposite Direction" so, as absolutely devastating and a waste it was, I threw the chicken and pasta in the food bin - with no way of keeping it warm or re-heating it (no clingfilm/no appropriate containers), had a nice, lovely warm, shower and felt much better - So much better so that I felt like I could have had something to eat - but didn't

Saturday 26th September 2020

Saturday was an incredibly productive day - And I'm proud of that. after a big breakfast of bagels and cereals (cereals in the bowl, toast on a plate obviously), I suggested we went out to West Park as we had some time, being the weekend.

After a short discussion, Myself and Jya (who'd go on the walk) initially agreed to go to the park on Sunday, however, to my pleasant surprise, we ended up going yesterday, during a very long walk and explore of Wolverhampton City Centre.

This walk lasted a couple of hours, starting at Santander, going through the Town Center/Shopping Centre ("mall"), looping back to Vodafone (and Santander) before heading to the park.

The park was very large, but very beautiful, containing play-areas, two ponds (satisfyingly connected together), plus a tennis-court and outdoor gym area.

TL: I saw a tram! (Don't get too many trams down south!)

TM: I love tram tracks, no idea why) TR: A Budget Poundland was an intersting find in the town centre

Bottom Row: The two views of the bridge. (Left and right)

Jya took/I asked Jya to take a few more, and I'll have them added when I can

For The Team

Saturday was also productive in the fact that I made a very good start (and almost finished) a design for the team's truck livery. With "Mod Studio 2", Paint.net, and a truck design template - I was able to make a a start on a livery for the team's truck.

Despite being on a totally different platform (Euro Truck Simulator 2 opposed to iRacing, trailers are always a fun way to enhance the emersion of the team.

The last two times I did a truck livery were for my Debut Season in MOFO (Joe Bradley's Skippy League) and Kabort's Golden livery.

There's an expected update to the LMP2 coming in the next week or so, so I don't want to finish up the livery and put it on a truck...when there's an update to the truck design immediately after I have done completing it.

On a final note, naturally some of the sponsors will be missing on the highlighter Truck Livery, as they have been painted by our own team, therefore DeNise Designs and likely Modsgaming.ru will no longer appear, ending a successful and joyful one year "partnership" with them.


An Early Preview Of The Trailer