UniBlog: Day One.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

I had an incredibly early night, going to bed less than an hour after midnight - before this I'd regularly see 2am and 3am sneak by...but I am now a changed man!

I awoke before my alarm, (having to embarrassingly run down the hallway to turn it off mid-breakfast), responded to my notifications before having breakfast at 9/10ish, J was there, and had been up a while - but we had a good chat.

My first "lesson" (if you will) was an hour long induction to my Multimedia Journalism Course - a great chance to test out the laptop! I quickly found out that my father had magically (Somehow) got my headphones to work with my Laptop - meaning I didn't have to blast the meeting out loud!

The meeting covered absolutely everything about the course, the days I'd be working (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) , COVID-19/Coronavirus restrictions/guidelines in and around the Uni, important dates, recommended software, assignments, deadlines and the terminology that will be used by staff and students I'd be working with.

Throughout this, Sonocent was absolutely critical - and honestly - without it I think I would have really struggled.

Despite only having to listen along - the teacher (with a small accent) went through things at a reasonable pace - but since I had to take notes I couldn't quite keep up, so missed a few things. THANKFULLY, I had recorded the whole thing on Sonocent Audio Recorder, which meant after the "meeting" had finished - I could go back over it and jot down the notes on the parts I missed. Perfect! Yes, it may've taken another hour or so - but in that hour I was able to collect some important dates and information (I would otherwise would have not been able to get)

In browsing the website, I found a calendar - and at 19.00 every (All but one) evening there was a meditation session...in their words:

"An introduction to simple mindfulness and meditation techniques to help you relax before a good night's sleep."

Which sounds like just my cup of tea! During this, I also found something else incredible a Writing Association Society - man, this University Experience just gets better and better - especially with Ed Sheeran singing in 8D in my ears I'm really enjoying it! - Though I know this is going to bite me in the butt later on!

By the time I'd finished listening (to the repeat), noting the important bits of information, checking the calendar, replying to notifications, and writing this blog it was 4 or 5.30 - anddd having already an interesting experience in Wolverhampton City Center I didn't really want to get up and find an "unbroken" compatible charging wire - especially as I was (still am) warm, calm and relaxed. A Flapjack in the stomach doesn't help my motivation to move haha...

The electric cooker is calling me to cook some Sausages And Pasta....just one more song?

- RT


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