Marcus Smith: The First 50 Days

As with the two previous friends of mine who joined iRacing (and then subsequently Kabort), I knew Marcus long before I did iRacing.

On the 3rd June, I received a message (from Marcus) asking if I still played iRacing.

It turned out that not 3 days prior (31st May), he made an an account. To date, he's yet to make his endurance debut - but since joining, he's done a lot of hosted racing with friends in the F4 and built up an iRating of 1478 at Class C.

Over 3 months after our first conversation about iRacing, during Week 13, I invited him to the discord server.

Week 13 was a very good opportunity to do so as he had just been promoted to Class C, and the lowest level of endurance is at a Class C.

To date, he's had 16 starts

- 10x Formula 4

- 5x Global Mazda (Rookie) - 1x Formula Vee (Obviously didn't like it!)

In 16 races, he's had x2 front row starts (1st & 2nd) and 4 podiums.

He does have a hectic life, so I'm definietly sure we'll see more of him in the coming future! Tom Wallace Luke Mitchell


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