Luke Mitchell: The First 45 Days.

ust as I did when my close friend Tom Wallace had been on the service for 45 days, I also believe Luke deserves a little bit of recognition on his 45th day as an iRacer.

Just like Tom, I knew Luke for a good few years prior to him joining iRacing (school mates), and (just like Tom) he had all the latest racing sims (for PlayStation) - but not iRacing.

As Tom did on the 17th August, 2021 - Luke too decided to join the dark side.

"Upon looking through Luke's results, it very much appears as though he's looking to get his money's worth - there ain't a damn series he's not raced - or even practiced in"

R. Truswell, 2022

Luke's Story So Far...

Shortly after 10pm, on the 11th February, 2022, out of the blue, I got a message from a good old friend of mine telling me he got iRacing.

Luke joined the service (apparently) at 01:00am, but I'm entirely trusting him on that one.

The story goes (as I was told) that he got a new PC (earlier in the week) and hence bought iRacing for its online system - the exact reason I did.

By the time I found out he was on the service, he had already done one practice and one race.

Coincidentally, his very first practice and race was at the very same circuit (and indeed layout) as my first practice - so I could almost immediately see where we lined up.

First Lap:

RT: 1:01.500 (2019)

LM: 0.57.848 (2022)

All-Time Fastest Lap

RT: 57.962 (Race) ('19)

LM: 54.282 (Race) ('22)

Before getting into Luke's first race, it's worth noting that iRacing has no idea: how good Luke is (or his skill level) - the first race is always a matter of "throwing names into a hat" to decide splits

Luke's First Race

After half an hour practice, Luke's first race started at 9pm (11th Feb).

He'd qualify 5th out of 12 runners.

According to the lap-chart provided to me, Luke had quite the nightmare of a start, falling all the way down to 9th by the end of the second lap.

Luke takes this on the chin, and every lap forth is a recovery drive - eventually putting him in the podium positions with 7 laps to go.

On the penultimate lap, Luke does one better and sneaks up into the top 2. His family and team (him and his mechanics) are delighted and champagne is sprayed.

Luke's FL: 55.071

Luke's Ave. Lap: 56.904

A Dominant Start

After telling him all about the service, third-party add on and everything else one must know about iRacing, Luke would go on a simply unstoppable streak of stellar results in the same combo - the very next race after this, getting POLE!

R1 (11/02/2022) Q: 5th | R: 2nd (already mentioned) (10th split) R2 (11/02/2022) Q: POLE | R: 2nd (7th Split)

And so the addiction began...

R3 (12/02/2022) Q: 3rd | R: 3rd (5th Split)

R4 (12/02/2022) Q: 3rd | R: 4th (First non-podium) (5th split)

R5 (12/02/2022) Q: 3rd | R: 4th (4th split)

Following this, (at about 8:30pm on the 12th Feb, 2022) he was promoted to Class-D Licence - escaping rookies in just under 24 hours.

Branching Out

After this success, and with a sponsorship with IKEA (to install trophy shelves in his house), Luke next tried two new series - the Formula Vee (just like Tom and I- didn't like it) and the Sim Lab Production Car Challenge.

Whilst the Global Mazda Cup (of before) was a single-make championship, the Sim Lab Production Car Challenge pitched the Mazda MX5 Cup up against the Volkswagen Jetta (TDI Cup), Ford Mustang FR500S (that I'm getting slight feelings for) and the Pontiac "Slowstice" Solstice.

At the Nurburgring GP, things....didn't quite go to plan after he started 13th and finished 20th - after a dominating start, iRacing may have just put him in a split a LITTLE too high - after all, he did go from 10th split (random) to the 4th split.

After promotion, there are Slightly fewer who "willingly self-destruct" every corner.

Luke finished the series with a very impressive 5th place finish from 7th on the grid - managing to not pick up a single incident point along the way.

Moving On Up

Now with a Class-D Licence, Luke now had more freedom and choice of series he could race in.

With NO input from me WHATSOEVER, Luke chose to race in the Ferrari 488 GT3 Challenge series (solely his decision, might I just add)

Luke's first iRacing purchases were the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo (Felicia, for those that know) and Spa - one of the best circuits in the world (in my opinion).

Since he was in a slightly more "professional" scene, I asked Luke if he wanted one of Kabort's liveries - he declined, saying he was part of the "Default Skin Gang" (no need for trading paints or a fancy livery!)

IKEA didn't mind and continued installing shelves despite this comment.

Luke in his #DefaultSkinGang MX5 at the Nurburgring GP Circuit - also the first race of Luke's I watched.

Luke's First GT3 Race- Spa Francorchamps, 13/02/2022

At 7:07pm, Luke jumped into his first official (practice) session in a GT3 Car.

8 minutes after this, the Open Practice Session for Luke's race in the Ferrari GT3 Challenge race at Spa opened up...

The race didn't go EXACTLY to plan, but such is racing - GT3 racing is an entirely different ball-game to Rookie Mazdas, and after another race (that night) qualifying 5th - it was clear that Luke was quickly learning the ropes

Lukes GT3 Results

R1 (13/02/2022): Q: 13th | R: 16th (5 Inc.)

R2 (13/02/2022): Q: 5th | R: 13th