Introducing Uro Motorsports

Myself and Jaehan An are incredibly proud to announce a new partnership with "Uro Motorsports" which will soon become Kabort's sister team.

Despite what the name may suggest, (sounding like "Euro"), Uro Motorsports is a fully Korean team.

How It Came To Be

Jaehan and his fellow four Koreans (Yu Sung Yune, Yoonho Jung, Jae Heon Bang and Chang Mun Ryu) have had a thoroughly enjoyable time in Kabort Motorsport, and especially love their fellow team-mates who never give up.

After the most recent addition to the team, they finally they ended up with enough Koreans to fill a car or two - creating the introduction of Kabort Korea, Kabort Bronze and Kabort Gold LMP1 Teams. This only worked for a 6 hour race however....not a 24 hour one.

Preparing for the Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours (The Nefarious

Winter Nurburgring 24 Hours), five drivers seem to be too tight, We needed at least one more driver.

The problem with hiring a racer already in Kabort is that the 5 drivers already in "Kabort Korea" only spoke fluent Korean...creating a slight language barrier between a news driver and the rest of the group. .

On the very week of the race, the Koreans had to find one other great driver in the Korean community. Fortunately, a slightly older gentleman called Janghan Choi was interested in driving for us. For those familiar with the Nurburgring scene, Janghan (also known as Jang Han Choi) is a real life racing driver, who has prior experience racing in the Nurburgring 24 Hours in his Porsche Cayman Car.

Jang Han Choi knows Nurburgring like the back of his hand...

Despite disqualification caused by a technical error, the Koreans enjoyed their time out at Nurburgring and can't wait to do it again in the spring. This was especially painful, as they were very close to finishing the race - just like in Twin Ring before a last second agonising disqualification.

After the race, the Koreans had a big discussion. As a real life driver, Jang Han Choi saw the possibilities in iRacing, (since he was fairly new) and decided to put in some time to the sim. Going forward, Jang wanted to practice on the Nordschliefe and Le Mans Circuit even more as part of the preparations for the real life Nurburgring and Le Mans 24 Hours. With a Cayman GT4 car confirmed for an April release, this will only further help real life racers like Jang. Following the discussion, The Following was Established:

1. All The Koreans love Kabort. 2. There are too many Koreans, it's an international team. (There being 6 Koreans in total, and the next highest nationality (Australia) having 2 full-time drivers, with 1 racing when he can. 3. The Koreans may put in too much time on the two specific tracks (Nurburgring and Le Mans - the tracks Jang wants to put time into) as opposed to practicing on the upcoming ELMS or special event.

Coincidentally, At the same time, Jang Han Choi also got an offer from Uro Motorsports, ROKA.

Uro Motorsports imports Radicals (below) into South Korea.

From here, Kabort Korea (or the Koreans including Jan Han Choi) decided to make a specialised team for Nurburgring and LeMans Endurance.

For the love of Kabort Motorsport, they were incredibly proud to have Kabort Motorsport's Logo on their car, and will race for Kabort for a while if no (virtual) races are being held at either Nurburgring or Le Mans.

Jaehan Says

"After all, Kabort Motorsport has made (got) us up to here. We won't forget great teammates and the great leader, Robin Truswell
We will race Kabort's car, so it's not a good-bye :)"

So whilst there is no events at Nurburgring or Le Mans, the Koreans will be racing for Kabort Motorsport, but when there is an event at either Nurburgring or Le Mans, the 5 Koreans and Jang Han will be racing for Uro Motorsport, to build Jang's experience ready for the double crown (not competing in Spa 24 Hours) in the Summer.

See you on the track!

Written By

Jaehan An,

Kabort Driver And International Relations Manager Of Uro Motorsports And Kabort Edited By Robin Truswell,

Team Principal Of Kabort Motorsport


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