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Fresh Lick Of Paint For Kabort!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Thursday 27th August, 2020. After a year of owning, running and managing Kabort Motorsport, Robin Truswell, finally officially retired from being "Top Dog" - Team Principal.

With university approaching, Truswell wanted to put all his focus on his studies, and his university, as opposed to juggling the management of Kabort's 48 drivers and his multimedia journalism course.

Kabort had been in an interesting period since the month prior - as Truswell actively searched. for a Team Principal who shared his love, passion and severity for the team and who could continue what some may call his "legacy".

As with all things, in the beginning there were teething issues, such as Truswell having some difficulties fully letting go of his baby, but once re-assured and once university drew closer, Truswell was able to let Andy get on with his work.

In the beginning, just the Discord server got a little revamp, new channels, other channels swapped around old channels deleted - just a good old spring clean.

With myself out of the way, and new Team Principal in charge, Kabort slowly sprung into life - old drivers who hadn't been seen for months messaging on the server. It was like Andy had breathed life on an old team - reviving it.

There was lots to discuss - what the new season held, some general notices -and with myself out of the way, and Tim lurking in the shadows - it was put to the drivers weather they wanted to keep the name and livery, or weather they wanted to go for a change/revamp/rebrand change of colour.

Name And Livery

The name would stay the same - the Kabort name was familiar to the drivers and for 3/4 of the drivers, they had entered the team a few months or more after it was named, and potentially didn't see the name needing to be changed....but the livery - the livery was a different matter. The "famous Kabort Gold" only works thanks to three factors - "Trading Paints" (the software/website where the livery is uploaded), the main paint file (called a .tga) and a special texture on the outside of the car, (like a coating if you will), called a SpecMap (.mip file). If any one of these things are incorrectly loaded - or are having some technical problems, or are even down - then the specmap could misfunction and the car can look a little bit "naff".

It was because of this reason, that the team voted for something else. After a short discussion, I bought up the "Global" or "Highlighter" livery, suggesting we scrap the Black/Gold "Affinity" livery and just run the highlighter livery. This was an incredibly popular idea - and shortly after, a paint competition to design a paint for the newly released LMP2 Dallara (in addition to the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE released on the same day) was underway....

Following this, things happened very, very quickly.

Week 13 (8th Sept - 15th Sept) would continue to progress, and to promote the switch of style - I'd change up my personal vehicles too....

The 8th of September would see the debut not only of my newly painted Formula 3 car, but my first Formula 3 experience on iRacing...

The first image is an iRacing default paint livery, the other two are from Doug - the clear similarities means that even if Trading Paints fails to work, the livery still looks a high standard.


On the GTE side of the grid, things were looking equally as impressive - even if the Official Paint (from Doug) was still in the works, resulting in my having to experiment on iRacing's Default Paint System....

As the Update containing the GTE only came out late on Wednesday Night, Thursday (10th Sept) was my first chance to drive the new piece of kit!

The third and final image on the right ("Find New Roads") is when I finished 2nd in GTE Class during my debut during Week 13's Shiny New Shakedown at Detroit (Belle Isle).

Eventually though, the official paint did come (asked for before the paint competition started) along with it some nice surprises...

The V8 Supercars to be used in the Bathurst 1000km was also completed in their gorgeous colours during this time

Back to GTE, Daniel Weber was taking the competition by storm - with this masterpiece!

A spy shot of the paint drying on Weber's Work In Progress Chevrolet C8.R paint taken by Klaus Kartoffelschnüffler
Daniel's Finished Livery | Credit: Schwanzberührer Photography (RT)

Before long, the LMP2 submissions were also complete, and unveiled (by their creators) to the rest of the team...and it's fair to say, there was some pretty tough competition...

An honorable mention must go out once again to Daniel Weber - for making this masterpiece!

Most recently, we got the logo herself!

In the past couple of hours, we've also had a van delivered to us, and now are in contact with an an anonymous truck brand to produce a specifically made race -trailer to take the cars to the tracks in...stayed tuned for that!

The Kabort "T2" Team Of Daniel Weber and Tim Perry Getting ready for Intercontinental Sim Racing Challenge (ISRC)'s Race At Spa

Naming Conventions

Kabort's naming conventions would also undergo a little bit of work - From pretty loose "funky" names - describing those in the car, (Nationality, Name, etc.), Kabort has suited up and gone for a lot more rigid, numbering system....As of 25/09/2020, these are: K1

Max Thorne (GBR) Adam J. Pearce (GBR) Lars Bachmann (GER)


Tim Perry (GBR)

Dan Weber (GER) Andy Jones (GBR)


Robert Land (CAN) Justinas Ribelis (LIT)


Berkley Cox

Sam Thurtell


Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Mateusz Drozda (POL)


Tom Van De Pol (BEL)

Spencer Kemble (USA) K6 (2) Tom Van De Pol (BEL)

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Spencer Kemble (USA)

Mateusz Drozda (POL)

Back Up Teams


Nash M. Fry (USA)

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Maxim Badidi (NTL)

Brian Peeters (NTL)


Andy Jones (GBR)

Daniel Evans (GBR)

Robin Truswell (GBR)

Dan Weber (GER)


Andy Jones (GBR)

Daniel Evans (GBR)

Lars Bachmann (GER)

Tom Van De Pol (BEL)

Tijmen Berends (NTL)

Glenn Mulholland (GBR)

Arron Brown (USA)

Spencer Kemble (USA)

Mark Turek (USA)

Robert Land (CAN)

Peer Brennscheidt (GER)

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