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An Announcement.

On the 20th of September 2020, I will be starting my three-year Multimedia Journalism course at Wolverhampton University.

This is some incredibly huge news, and will bring many changes to Kabort Motorsport.

The largest of all will be the fact that I will step down as Team Principal and manager. I will still be a part of the team, however with much fewer - if any responsibilities.

I have not taken this decision lightly and has taken a while to come to this conclusion.

In the past I have treated my education less serious than I should have - resulting in poor results - both academically and in my personal life.

Already with some learning difficulties - I was only making life harder for myself.

University, I truly believe is the pinnacle of education. It's the highest point, and from University it's a simple bridge onto a job.

With this in mind, I have reviewed my priorities and realised that university has a significantly higher amount of priority over iRacing and Kabort Motorsport.

At this moment in time, I am at a very critical time in my life - and my focus and concentration must be switched to real life, sorting insurance and purchasing a car, finishing an article William Requested and finally and most importantly getting the itinerary needed for my first year at university.

With this in mind, myself and my parents have agreed that for the first term of University, (later terms will be discussed at a later date) I leave my rig and computer at home.

Some may ask why I not return home on weekends - and I can answer that by stating that University Isn't Boarding School - you don't have to come home on weekends - and with a 2 hour 28 minute (140 mile/225km) trek (one way) back home/to university it's not the most efficient thing to do.

The problem of practice also arises - If I am not practicing during the week, and I were to come home late on Friday Night - it would not be fair on those who have put the hours in for me to "Turn up and drive" especially with specific setups being used.

What Will Happen To The Team?

William Burfield ( Sir Smokey) Will take control of Kabort and the direction that the team goes in - a name change is far off on the horizon, but nothing to worry about as of yet.

After my 3 - 4 years of University I will again review my position - and see what the team looks like under Will's power and I will let you know if - and how the situation may change

The last thing I would want is for Kabort to disassemble and crumble out of existence - I'd like it to keep going even though I am no longer leading.


To conclude, I'd like to say that it's been a blast leading this team over the past year and I have learnt so much - not only on the track but in terms of leadership skills too. To have moved from a free wix site, to analytical spreadsheets of all kinds to a paid wix site has really opened my eyes.

It's also been amazing to meet you all and I thank you all for stepping aboard the Kabort Ship.

I will not be leaving the team, however It's likely that I become dormant or race in NES (Nurburgring Endurance Series) once a month - or fewer. Thank you, Robin Truswell, Founder and Owner of Kabort Motorsport



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