An Intense Week!

Good morning! I hope you are well and everything is alright with you.

As I write this, I'm lying in bed, absolutely shattered from the days before this one. The last blog I did was somehow on Wednesday 24th we have a lot to cover!

Thursday 25th March, 2021

Whilst nothing itself happened on this day, I was stressing out about the future - I had a big Television News Production assignment due, it was the Sebring 12 Hours and with March 29th just around the corner, discussions about visiting people were only just beginning. Having not practiced for the Sebring 12 Hours overly much and really struggling with the Television News Production was going to be one hell of a difficult weekend.

The thing that got me through? Four simple words: This. Too. Shall. Pass. It's like jumping a gap - if you stare at the gap, you're either going to fall in, or going to scare yourself into not jumping or not believing you can do it...instead, you've got to look beyond the chasm, gap, stress or strife and look beyond the troubled days and look at the other side - your goal or the side you are trying to get to - in my case, this was Sunday - Sunday being after the Sebring 12 hours and after my assignment was due.

Friday 26th March 2021

This day was dominated by the assignment, but for now, we will skip that - I'd also re-work the Public Affairs assignment that I'd rushed out on the previous Friday - this time hitting 1500 words and probably bumping my work up by 0.001 of a mark but hey.

Saturday 27th March, 2021

Saturday was the Sebring 12 Hours which I've turned into it's own blog (was going to put it here, but got too large)

Sunday 28th March, 2021

Sunday was a rather a large day as it marked one year since my dad was diagnosed with Myeloma (Cancer) - him being in remission since January and constantly improving as we go through the year.

It was also the Bahrain Grand Prix. With Verstappen on pole, an Alpha Tauri in second, Hamilton in third, Leclerc in fourth, Ricciardo (McLaren) in fifth and Bottas in 17th it was set to be a classic. And It Was.

I'm not going to reveal HOW I watched the whole race, but I did, finding my own means to.

It was an absolute THRILLER! Battling up and down the grid - the Haas' both spinning (Gunther will love that one) and Hamilton eventually finishing less than a second in front of Verstappen to finish it was one of - if not the closest finish to start a season I've ever seen - if there's more in store like that? Damnnnnnn!

Monday 29th March, 2021

Oh this week, this week...ha ha this week.

Lockdown restrictions further eased on Monday of this week - meaning 6 people or 2 households can meet in private gardens (but not indoors) - Monday also marked my last full week of college back in 2020.

Tuesday 30th March, 2021

With the restrictions eased, my "Private Uber Service" (shuttling friends around) went back into business pretty darn quickly - every day from Tuesday seeing people without fail.

Tuesday started this off by seeing both Evie and Annie in Annie's garden - a beautiful day packed with fun and great moments, photos and a cheeky McDonalds!

Wednesday 31st March, 2021

The next day was our (mine and Annie's) 10 month anniversary and it was very good! It was the first anniversary we had met up for since...Well, a long time - as I've been at University and there have been lockdown restrictions.

In the beginning, it was a little awkward as there was nothing really to overly talk about, so we just sat in silence - but Evie "spiced" up the mood and got us talking after a little message.

We'd later go over to the trampoline and just sit and think about life, enjoying eachothers company.

I'd be lucky enough to have two meals at their house - a toasted bagel for lunch and some Penne Bolognese for dinner - I'd go home rather late.

Thursday 1st March, 2021

My brother was on the move - in the process of moving out of his current place and moving into somewhere new. In this process, there was a little overlap of two days between Felix being ready and having his stuff ready and the new house being ready to be moved into - over these two days Felix would stay in a hotel. And it was my job to get him there.

Annie also wanted to see me (inviting me for Dominoes in the garden - since we had pasta yesterday).

The day had to be planned with meticulous timing.

At about 12:00, I left for Felix's, half an hour away from my/parent's house

After arriving, Felix and his boyfriend would load the car and we'd set off for what I found out was Reading Station.

Along the way, we'd stop at a park so that Felix and Alex could stretch their legs before continuing on with the 1 hour (plus) trip.

after dropping them off, everything went a little to shit.

I was in the hunt for three things - (in priority order) fuel, Dominoes and parking near Dominoes.

I found Dominoes first and in a bid to find parking which wasn't permit-parking (FUCKING EVERYWHERE), I found fuel and fuelled up (and bought flowers for Annie because it was getting ever so fucking late - I then did find a spot which wasn't FUCKING PERMIT PARKING and walked up to Dominoes and found out that it was click and collect only. Fuck Me.

So I went back to my car and attempted to have it delivered to Annie's house - but the transaction failed because the Dominoes website didn't tell me not to refresh the page - it just displayed a white screen and only after I refreshed the page did the notification from my banking say "authourize this payment? Okay, go back to Dominoes website to finish order" - this now being fucked up annnd my phone died. Brilliant. I then drove back to Annie's house. Another hour.

I gave the flowers and tried to order myself a Pizza using my card on Annie's phone...but security is hella impressive and after downloading both my mail app and banking app - it requested a OTP (One Time Passcode) to my phone...which was FUCKING DEAD!

So, I charged my phone, ordered the fucking Pizza, talked to a (suicidal) friend on the phone, making sure she was alright and after watching Riverdale and Glee (From outside of course) I went home.

Got back, played on my PC for like 10 minutes and then had a bath and went to bed.

Friday 2nd April

Right, today. Today I wanted to reserve for myself, maybe do a GT3 Challenge race - and for the first 12 or so hours, I did - I had a very lazy day...but then I was talked into visiting the girls and at first I refused and then I was like "fuck it, they ain't gonna stop asking" so I got out of my Lamborghini, took a flight over to the UK and had a very nice evening with my girlfriend and other very close friend.

After picking her up, we went to pick up an easter egg for myself and Annie (my GF) and from there went to Silent Pool - a small, beautiful body of water in Surrey.

Following this we surprised Annie by visiting her...only asking if she was availible today, never announcing our arrival - much to her delight.

We'd share dominoes, listen to music before settling down in front of a roaring (virtual) fire - other than a bit of third-wheelin' going on, it was an absolutely amazing night, and an incredibly relaxing one at that - the only bad bits were me stepping in dog shit on the way back to the car and me leaving my easter egg at Annies, but since I'm seeing her again, I'll probably pick it up then

Saturday 3rd April, 2021

The intense week continues. I woke up at about 7 - stupidly early, went back to sleep and woke up at a more appropriate time of 10 or so.

Shortly after getting up, I realised I had the 12 hours of Spa (Creventic) race - and my overdue GT3 Challenge race (and an assignment) to complete.

I'd do the 12:15 BST GT3 Challenge race...but in discomfort.

At first the steering was too heavy, then it was too light...I managed to complete the race and finish in the Top 10...but it was sorta like "well, I'm glad that's over".

Alas - it was 12:51 - we had about an hour/half and hour until the Creventic session opened. I contacted my co-drivers Tim and Dante and they were ready.

That leaves a perfect time to end the blog, (Since the race is still on-going) so I'll catch you in the next blog!

Cheers for reading!


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