Sensational Sebring: Kabort's Sebring 12 Hours


RACE DAY! My favourite day! Five of Kabort's finest teams lined up on the bumpy, repurposed runway in Florida. 3 Teams would take the 12:00 session, the rest taking the 4pm to 4am one.

Kabort Green (12:00)

Kabort Green was one of the two Kabort LMP2 cars to tackle the Sebring 12 Hours. In a miraculous turn of events, they'd finish the race in second after qualifying 17th. This'd mark the first time ever a Kabort car would finish on the podium of an iRacing Special Event. The hero drivers of this car were:

Tom Van De Pol (BEL)

Spencer Kemble (USA)

Tim Kasigkeit (GER)

Kabort Blue would also part-take in the 12:00 session, but only complete 24 laps before retiring

Kabort Pink (12:00)

Kabort Pink probably had the wildest day of all of our cars - starting down in 43rd, falling to second-to-last on the second lap and then rising all the way up to the front of the GT3 pack - an incident just over half way into the race causing the team to retire and lose out on a potential class podium or even win.

Kabort Orange (12:00)

The final team attempting the 12:00 Slot was the Orange duo of Joost Bouwmeester and Angel Villazon.

The duo managed incredibly well as just a 2 - managing 11th in class! From 10th place, it was a good recovery, being in the Top 5 at one point really begs the question of what Kabort's potential is and how much damage they can do without mistakes costing them.

Kabort Purple (16:00)

Simply put, Kabort Purple had an absolutely incredible day out.

After an accident left us with 11 minutes of repairs - we were quite far back...but with Aussie power and Will-Power (sorry, I had to) we managed to scramble up the field slowly but surely - car by car. Will predicted 27th (as we were matching their pace) but we beat that by a country mile - going from 49th on lap 3 to an impressive 19th at the end of the 12 hours.

It may not have been a top-10 finish - but had we not had that mistake at the start, one can only imagine what it could have been.

Kabort Blue (16:00)

Last but no means least was Blue (for their second attempt) - the second of the two LMP2's would finish 6th from 13th.

With two Top 10's and a phenomenal recovery from Orange and Purple, it's fair to say that Sebring was an INCREDIBLY Successful day out...Next up is Nurburgring - With Robin at University...the race is on and Kabort are certainly looking to upset the order of things!


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