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Special Thanks


A Massive Thank you 

A huge thank you must go out to every single driver who has contributed to Kabort Motorsport both past and present, no matter how long your stay lasted - you massively impacted the team and I can only thank you for that.

To start off on a general note, thank you to all the companies on the left of this page who not only responded to my email to them, but gave consent for myself and Kabort Motorsport to use your logo too - I thank you very much and it means a lot to me - especially allowing your logo to be used for sim-racing and an incredibly small, little-known team.

I know mine may just be another email, but a response from a company as well-known as yours means a lot to me, and I am very thankful and excited that we can begin this new chapter together - especially since we both have it in writing that you agreed to have your logo on Kabort's car meaning a mini (non-paid) sponsorship.

I'd like to give Wix a little mention as I'm not allowed to use their logo - Thank you ever so much for making such a usable interface and allowing me to make such a professional-looking website) 

To the others, I thank you for your products, as without them Kabort would struggle to thrive as it is currently doing now. 

In particular, I'd like to give a mention to Joseph B. Griffin for helping me build this website - without you, I would probably be still on the free version of wix, and have nowhere near as  cool website as this one.

My thanks must also go out to Gas Cohen for giving me really helpful insight on running a successful endurance racing team, and thoughts, concepts, ideas and plans that really helped me get a grasp of what I was doing. 

Other honourable mentions go out to Sir Smokey (Will) for always being there for me, no matter the amount of mess ups, as well as current team prinicipal Andrew Jones who was - and still is an absolutely MASSIVE help - and without you, Kabort would not be where it is today. Yes, I may have XYZ amount of drivers, but to extract performance from those drivers takes real skill, patience and knowledge, and I can only thank you for everything you've taught me and everything you have done for me.

Finally, thank you to all the drivers who still race with Kabort  to this day - your endless support is very, very greatly appriciated, and I cannot thank you enough for not only joining me on this journey, but spending the amount of time, money and effort you have on this team, just makes me realise that we aren't just "racing virtual racing cars" we are making lifelong friends and memories that will last a lifetime - to friends and foes of Kabort Motorsport past and present,

Thank you

Robin Truswell,

Founder & Owner of Kabort Motorsport

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