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Andrew Jones

Team Principal

Hello and Welcome To Kabort Motorsport!


My name is Andy, I'm the Team Principal of Kabort and I wish you an incredibly warm welcome.

I started sim-racing with Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 in the late 1990's in offline leagues. Even then, my team-mates got the measure of me by giving me the nickname "SloBoy" - a title I still live up to every time I get on track.

After GP2 it was GPL (no, my GPLrank was never negative ...), then RFactor and finally iRacing in 2015.


Over the years, I've mainly chosen open wheelers, but for 2020, I decided to join Kabort to take on the challenge of endurance racing.

Now retired (you mean I'm THAT old ? (Here's a clue - the first F1 race I went to was Hunt vs Lauda - Brands Hatch 1976), I still hold out some hope of getting better, but mostly just of having more fun along the way!

When I'm not on iRacing, I'm either asleep in the armchair with me pipe and slippers, solving world problems through AI programming or making it a more beautiful place with me photographs.


Jones joined in January 2020 at a very critical time - Kabort was in a slight "rut" - where the the team (drivers and team) were in a difficult position - in terms of overall atmosphere and results and before long, Andy put measures in places to help the team.

Andy would be promoted to Team Principal in August of 2020.

Robin Truswell

Owner & Founder


Welcome Along! 

My name is Robin Truswell and I am the Owner and Founder of Kabort. 


My racing career started in my mid-teens in real life Karts, however, turned out to be too expensive, so I turned to the sim racing world and joined iRacing in January 2019.

I Started my sim racing career off driving in the Global Mazda MX5 Cup, and soon after, I achieved my first career podium, and finished in the top 5 multiple times after this. 


  After an enjoyable season in the Ferrari GT3 Challenge, I decided to take to endurance racing, and created Kabort Motorsport (Previously Kabort Racing Team, prior to that it was simply Trussers Racing Team). We started off small - 10 drivers at best - and ever since then we have snowballed!


Since August (a month before my University), I've been in a position of much less responsibility in order to focus on studying, putting Andy (Jones) in charge - and thus far he has done and absolutely stonking job - especially with giving Kabort a "re-brand" using highlighter liveries - and some, including myself, may say he's breathed new life into Kabort Motorsport - which I am truly grateful and appreciative for - and be sure to remind him of every day.

 "My goal is to make Kabort Motorsport into a championship contender, so when competitors hear our name - they shudder"



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