Week 13 - The Chaos Continues At Lime Rock!

Ohh boy...what a race...I am still speechless.

I wasn't thinking about writing anything for this round...but after a race like that...I need to...because holy smokes, that was insane.

Open practice before the race...was just...someone laid down a fine layer of bananas down and it was like racing in mario-kart...hundreds of cars leaving the pits, thousands of spins and crashes, and a million ways to die!

After that we were put into splits and the session itself....I did qualifying and qualified P20...not exactly the top 10 I was hoping, but with 5 seconds separating the top 20...I knew that I was going to be beaten.

This time I filled up the tank with fuel before starting - Yay!

The Race

Lights out away we go, lots of wheel-spin again...unfortunately, for one (Chris) the wheel-spin was just too much, and he over-corrected, spearing into the driver to the left of him, (Gabriel).

The driver behind these two, (Ata) had a brilliant launch, but in the amount of time that the collision had elapsed, he/she had no-where to go. As Chris went into the side of Gabriel, Ata rear ended Chris, launching his rear into the air. Ata then slewed left as a result of the collision and was T-Boned by Clinton. The first two drivers didn't play any further role, other than to be unfortunately collected

Dennis then went into the back of Clinton...The other drivers just had to avoid the moving mines of the already hit cars - Marek, Andre and Michael all being unlucky enough to be collected in the remains of the collision. 8 Cars were involved in this crash.

Through this, and another 3 spinning off on cold tires later on in the lap, and then being overtaken by three cars, (one of which went in the pits) I went from P20, to P11.

Through incredible misfortune, or just dim-wit, on the following lap, as someone was going into the pits, I pulled to the right hand side of the track, I don't know what I was doing, but I just did....He then lost control under braking and I ploughed straight into him. From this, I lost 2 places. - 10th and 11th.

I admit, I was lapped by a few of the leaders (Top 6), but that's what happens at such a short circuit.

But it was during this stint, that I realised how much fun I was having - I may have been very far behind, and had a crumpled nose, but I was enjoying the difficulty and unpredictability of the car and the noise and I was almost in a happy place!

Despite a small clash with the 4th place finishing car, that was a lap ahead, and had spun, who was wondering across the track, (admittedly my fault) it was a pretty clean run.

After this much fun after 2 races...I am pumped to see what the rest of the week - heck, season brings!

Porsche iRacing Cup, Lime Rock Park (Classic), Week 13, Day 2.

E: 24

Q: 20th

R: 9th

F: 16 (4 From Accident Didn't Finish)

S: 19 (3 From Accident Didn't Finish Lap 1)

SOF: 1172!

Bring on the Nurburgring GP!