Super Chaotic Double Whammy Weekend!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

VRS (Virtual Racing School) Endurance Usually runs a couple of times a weekend – I only run one of these…so when I found out that the 6 Hours of The Glen was also running on the same weekend… I I knew I had some planning to do!

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

ET: 21


Q: Declan Qualified us 10th (3rd Ferrari)

R: 10th!

F: 14

S: 19


After a good start, making up 2 positions into 8th, Declan got dive-bombed into the hairpin, which put him off slightly…he then lost the back end on the kerb of the final corner and lost a large handful of positions…going from 8th to 12th….in the next hour he somehow struggled miraculously back up to 8th…still to this day it boggles my mind how he did it….we pitted a lap later, and jumped into 2nd temporarily, before falling back to 9th.

I jumped into the car next and only went down to 11th (pit-stop included) this was because I was the slowest…Florian wasn’t able to make up any positions due to being over a lap down…but a top 10 in our first proper endurance race (Laguna Seca failed) was bloody unbelievable… and I can’t wait for my first Special Event tomorrow!

6 Hours Of The Glen!

ET: 45

P: 20th

Q: Getu (Aitor) Qualified us 24th (last Ferrari)

R: 21st (7th/8th Ferrari)

F: 28

S: 44

SOF: 1649

After a good start on lap 1, making up 2 positions, (and 4 more through others’ disqualifications) Maxim was on for a good stint…Although somebody slipped past, we managed to re-gain it through someone else going off….

A convenient pile up on Lap 6 also helped our position further….but this would be should lived as Maxim would go and throw it away only 2 laps later, losing it at exactly the same downhill, hellish corner, dropping us down to 23rd….despite someone else losing it at the same place another 2 laps later, we were still content…at least we still had a chance….

Maxim continued to charge on despite the constant threats from behind and lack of vehicles ahead… it was only on lap 18 – 12 laps later that the big bad M8 got the better of us, and forced Maxim into a mistake, missing the breaking point at the chicane, and taking to the grass…

On lap 20 we had a very nasty shove from a Porsche (Trying to get down our inside, slid, over-corrected back into our already sliding car…he spun we somehow got away without spinning) which gave us yet more damage….

The Ferrari was a strong olde girl at Watkins!

Despite us losing many positions (ending up in 27th), Max’s defending was impeccable and really saved the team from complete catastrophe…

Unfortunately, on Lap 27…we were pushed wide by an unfriendly Porsche, and lost 5 more positions, (down into 32nd) but that didn’t hinder Max’s determination one bit! He kept on fighting, even when the going was very tough! Then it was time to bring the slug out… fortunately, we were right at the very back, so I couldn’t do much more damage…. My crew chief was glitching out by repeating “The leader is pitting now” so I drove through the pits to try and remove this glitch… surprisingly, we only lost 1 place during this!

The slug came in after rather uneventful stint (only one lock up, no overtakes) to swap over with the unstoppable Getu …and immediately as Getu left the pits he un-lapped himself from 24th position and then un-lapped himself from 3rd position! MAD!

Despite staying on Getu’s rear…the 3rd place driver (Kyle Evans) was not able to get passed….until Getu let him past of course…but stayed on his tail…because he could! It was almost as if Getu was fixated – if not tied to Kyle’s car – wherever Kyle would go, Getu would immediately follow….Getu didn’t take his eyes of Kyle once!

The gap grew marginally, (Our tyres were done) but Getu was still chasing him down!

Eventually though, the 3rd place car just had too much power….and we had so few tyres…. and In the end Getu’s stint turned into mine…a very lonely one…with very little proper interaction or battles…except for a few passers by…

Except for a quick pit-stop on lap 117 at the chicane to plug in a charger cable,as his VR or headset was low on charge, he was back underway without any loss of position.

By the end of Getu’s Super-stint, we were up to an amazing P20! Mad Max(im) came out in 21st, and judging by the replay, his rear was not too happy…it was like it wanted overtake the Dutchman and win the race for him…but he did a bloody good job of keeping it under control.

Maxim saw Getu’s Golden un-lap of P3, so he followed suit, un-lapping from the car in Position 3 during his stint….

After managing to keep it out of the wall for another hour, and retrieve 19th and 20th from pitters, Maxim was in a very happy place, with no cars attacking him and a big space to 18th…and no sooner had his stint started, it was time to return to the slug… for the 27 odd laps…the pit put us back into 21st place, which was perfectly fine, and with only 27 laps left, there was little damage I could do, so I slowly cruised her home, a second or two slower than Maxim’s lap times on his stint. Highlights of this stint were seeing the leader spin out…and getting overly excited when we saw P20 leaving the pits…

Far, Far off in the distance you can see the outline of P20....

and for me to only go sailing off wide. I mean it was irritating at the time, and still irritating now…but if I had made it around the corner…sure there would have been a decent battle, but then what? He’s massively quicker than us, and there were a good 20 odd laps of the race left…so despite crushing, it was the best result for everyone..

My second opportunity was also blown…Maxim and Getu noticed P20 was off, and shouting down my ear…which made me stare at him, and then miss my braking point, which was unfortunate but…I think we may or may not have had him…It would really depend on the alternative universe outcome….

With iRacing's new damage system, I think we could have trumped him…but you know, it is what it is and that’s racing…Two Top 20’s in one weekend would be too much for us…and in the end on lap 188/196 he passed me for 20th place, huge congratulations to Joan Manero for limping that car home, and a bigger congratulations to Fruta Blanco for putting in such a hard bloody effort to finish….you deserved it…you rocked, well-bluming-congratulations…

Back to my team…and of course I wasn’t un-lapped by a car 20 positions lower than me and 89 laps down….that never happened…

But it doesn’t matter where the hell I finish…the very fact that we all kept it out of the wall and managed to survive SIX hours of racing truly shows what we are capable of…and what’s to come.

Fuck Yeah. We Did It.