VRS 3 Hours Of Laguna Seca – A Lesson In Pain

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

VRS Endurance Series

ET: Entered Teams

P: Practice Q: Qualified R: Finish Pos.

F: Finishers

S: Starters (Those who completed at least 1 lap) SOF: Strength Of Field Laguna Seca

ET: 37


Q: 27th (NO SETUP!)

R: DSQ (Too many off-tracks, I got about 15x, and Nicholas the rest….we ended after a short discussion about what’s going to happen when Nicholas Boxes…)

F: 14!!!!!

S: 34

SOF: 1857

This race was incredibly difficult.

My first driver (Tim) didn’t like the Ferrari that much, so we experimented with driving the Audi R8. With all the messing and faffing around to get Declan (our second, and new driver) into the session, I offered to do qualifying and whack in any old lap-time I could do…..in my haste I forgot to put a setup on the car, and only qualified 27th with the base setup…

The Audi was a one-off

Even going into the warm up lap, We were trying to get Declan into the session – it still didn’t work. Lap one was messy, I avoided an accident, lap 3 or so I got it wrong on the corner before the corkscrew, putting it into the wall….and from then on the car was just constantly loose, Nicholas had the same problems keeping it on track, and when I came in for my first pit stop, we were already at 15x it was a weekend to remember and forget… learning all about endurance and the pain that came with it, but forgetting the shit-show it was. We are returning to the Ferrari the next round as at least I know I am decent in that.