UniBlog: Well That Escalated Quickly

I don't quite know what I've been doing or where the time has gone...but oh boy has everything happened very, very quickly and I'm sort of sitting here a little baffled...I last did a UniBlog on Thursday, the special article for UWRacing coming out on Friday - since then everything has just gone pretty much from 0-100!

Aside from the incredibly cool trip on Friday, nothing really happened on that day.

I'd have trouble sleeping though....

Money problems were rolling over and over in my mind - like a fire - there was only one way to put it out...and the extinguisher was completing the weekly food shop the following day.

The thing that was keeping me awake was the fact that I had a couple of people to pay back - Jya for using his chips, James for "fokking his wok" (my words) and one other individual.


Sure enough, Saturday did come along - and I did eventually go shopping and on top of that I was able to sort out paying people back, my mind finally clear...or clearer.

I also resumed on analysis and who has done the most races at Kabort - this is a little ongoing project but shouldn't take much longer.

I bought enough food for 9 days (if I shared it out correctly).

There were 6 different meals - however, If I split three of them, I could make it last right up to my last day at accommodation.

Of course, I'd mess this up on the very first evening and eat a whole Pizza instead of halving it...Sunday went better as I was able to eat one cod fillet, and save the other for Monday night.

meaning I now have to sort something for next Monday - unless I get radical!

Back to Saturday night, and I had a good old battle with myself about weather I should have a shower at 2am on not...to the relief of my corridor-mates, I decided against it.

Sunday then came around...and went by pretty fast - especially with Romain Grosjean having a monster accident bursting into a fireball and somehow managing to crawl out...this very much distracted me during the day - finding out updates about Romain and what actually happened during the accident.

He was INCREDIBLY lucky to escape - even with a few minor burns to his hands and feet. I would put some sort of image/video in here, but I feel short on time

So what about now? Where do I sit?

I still sit on this blue office chair, but now my heart-rate is slightly increased - my first assignment is due in a week - but I've made a sufficient start on it and continue to work on it alongside this blog (which once finished, will be another thing off my checklist)

It's currently the 30th November - in about 14 hours, it will be the 1st of December - but physically I don't feel there, I need more time - time is going too fast and I need to mentally catch up to that date...because in my head I feel like I'm at least a week behind - but I know I've got to catch up.

Time doesn't move - time doesn't fluctuate - time moves at 60 minutes an hour - and other than consulting The Doctor (Dr. Who) time-bending is impossible. No matter what I do ABARTH, UniBlog, Kabort, manage the Discord - whatever, it doesn't matter - time will always pass and will keep passing and will pass no matter what I do bored or not.

Either I can be swallowed up and be dragged beneath the water or I can "ride the surf of the wave that is time" (how poetic)

I just need to get the fk on my surfboard and just surf....it doesn't matter how much experience at surfing I've had - it'll come naturally and I've just got to get up out of the water and just do it - and once I'm up there, my confidence will shine.

This is the major problem with "denying" Christmas is coming - I spend all my time saying "oh it's too early for this" or "oh it's too early for that" that instead of focussing past Christmas and thinking "your assignment deadline is coming - December is on its way" Yes, Christmas is IN December, but December isn't Christmas - Christmas is literally one day in late December.

And since we are getting technical - it's actually a religious holiday celebrating "the birth of Jesus Christ" not about presents and giving an recieving - alas. Can't change what is the now.

Moral of the story? Time always remains at the same speed 60 seconds per minute - 60 minutes per hour - that's never going to change (significantly) - what IS going to change however is you. Your attitude. What are you going to do with your time those 60 minutes per hour that you have? It's time to surf.


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