UniBlog: The Storm Intensifies

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Since my last blog, everything has intensified by ten-fold.

Unfortunately, I must announce that I have made the decision to break up with my girlfriend, I will not be going into details and as much as it hurts, I believe it's the right thing to do - and only time will tell if this is the right decision or not, as per usual, I'll keep you all updated

I was in the process of updating my "Memorial Thread" on iRacing - when I had not a clue weather the "Memorial Races" they were holding (in the past) were for members, or a famous driver who passed in the 70's, so I decided to call it quits, said "I don't know whether these memorial races are relevant" and tick another thing off my list.

Time still goes at a rapid rate - and as every second passes it's a second closer to the assignment being due, so Friday should have been a work day for me but I got side-tracked with other things... Other things such as going to the post-box (via a beautifully performed parallel park), getting a couple of things from ASDA (Fuel, pizza for final night, a Secret Santa gift, a CD for on the way home, shampoo and a rather short-lasting Choco-Leibinz) chocolatey thing.

From there time sort of um....slipped away into oblivion. Friday is also my very final day in Hawaii, (ABARTH) it's been a beautiful trip and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

Another update? I've also updated my UWRacing Blog (grammatical/punctuation errors).

More On Abarth

I'm not going to say WHAT I'm doing this Christmas, all I'm going to say is that I've ordered my truck from MAN, and also ordered the custom number-plate for it too!

And I will reveal all all in due course.

as I write this it's current 9:36pm on Friday evening. Tomorrow is a massive day for Kabort - and more importantly - when ABARTH returns to mainland USA - So look forward to that blog.

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