UniBlog: The Lost Day

Today was one I'd rather forget...but at least last night went well.

Tuesday Evening/Night

I had Netflix open all day yesterday - and throughout the day - just like Yahoo Mail, it continued to work...even until 6:15pm...when me and Annie would watch our first Glee episode since at least the 6th November...(when Netflix decided to stop working) it was magical and thoroughly enjoyable and reminded me again why I loved Glee so much.

I also suffered major issues with Yahoo Mail too so to finally have this working as well was super nice too.


Oh today - what a rather miserable day today has been.

I woke up at 9, after a dream about getting an iRacing Notification (message on iRacing) - thinking this was real, and then proceeding to find out it was all just a dream.

I went to sleep until 12 or so when I woke up again and went into the kitchen.

There were many dried and to-be-washed dishes out, so I thought "fk it" and washed everything up...until I came to a fellow student's wok which had some residue in the bottom.

There were only about two items left to wash up - so I tried to get the residue (dried oil/grease/fat or something) off - first with a scrub - and then (regrettably) with a knife.

Long story short - I managed to get half or so of the residue/oil/grease/fat off the bottom with a plastic scrub, but in doing so, I damaged the non-stick surface. He said he tried beforehand, but to no avail.

The student who owned the wok wasn't "angry" or fuming par se - but said he'd need to replace the wok/buy a new one. I just tried to help by washing up everyone's dishes and yeah...that sorta was annoying and sort of ruined my day, esepecially as I woke up around 12/1 and spent almost and hour cleaning/washing up the stuff

After this I'd have breakfast, and then because the cleaners were due to come in, I'd return to my room and I don't know. I just didn't really feel like doing anything - It's highly likely that I'll re-imburse him for the damage caused - as if I didn't try and get "The Stuff" off the bottom of the wok - nothing would have happened and it'd still be "usable".

Anyway. At least the majority of the stuff was clean now and the guys down my corridor can dry up and put their things away.

One Month To Go

I want to end this microblog on some positivity - and since it's one month to Christmas Day, and 5 days until December - I want to reveal a little something.

During the month of December I PLAN to do one (gaming) video a day - It's not going to be anything impressive - but probably a sub-10 minute video.

Why? Because I want to. And it's Christmas.

The plan is to "warm up to Christmas" and gradually go from an absolutely shockingly bad game to ending with the best of the best: iRacing - but just keep an eye out on the Kabort Motorsport YouTube Channel

Tomorrow marks the penultimate lecture of November, before an incredible surprise on Friday that I cannot wait to show you.

The week that follows that (next week) will be my last full week at Uni!

Time is absolutely rocketing along.


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