UniBlog: A Rather Dull Weekend


I hope you are all doing well.

This is going to be a MEGA short blog just to say that absolutely nothing happened this weekend - yes, It's now less than 1,000 hours until Christmas Day and had some Curry, bangers and mash that the Uni gave to us to celebrate Diwali (even with the mash, still a bit spicey for my liking)

Other than that it's been very much lifeless - staring at the same 16 walls (4 Walls X 4 - Bedroom, Bathroom, Corridor, Kitchen) - and it's like these times when I start to TRY and make something interesting happen - like, last time I started a road-trip across the world.

Only things to really note are the fire-alarm went of at about 8am or so yesterday morning because someone (on the top floor) left Chicken on the hob overnight, and presumably, when they opened the kitchen door, all the steam/smoke triggered the fire alarm.

Other things to report - BTCC at Brands Hatch should have been this weekend - but it's now behind closed doors.

I missed Children In Need (TV Programme) - which is a shame, but usually either you're crying in sadness or in joy.

It's currently dark outside - next time I see light it'll be Monday, meaning a new week - Lynn will be looking at what work I have done thus far, and I will be in contact with Terry, the man in charge of the Uni's F3 Team - so that will be exciting in addition to having another attempt at shopping - I've learnt my lesson so should be a smoother experience.

And with that, that was pretty much my weekend - I updated some spreadsheets for Kabort and that's about it.

I'll see you tomorrow

- Record for shortest UniBlog -


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