UniBlog: A Pretty Decent Start To The Week

Good Afternoon, I hope you are all well!

This week, so far hasn't turned out too badly!

Monday 16th November, 2020

The title of this blog is "Decent" - and the only thing that hampered this week (thus far) is the first Lecture

The Lecture - Newswriting

In this lecture we were looking at hidden sources - sources that were/are hiding and need to be uncovered.

More specifically, statistics, reports and data.

Numbers are really not my friend - ever since starting numeracy in Year 3, I've absolutely hated them - but anyways, it is what is.

The lecture started off with looking at a re-cap at feature writing at the elements (pictures etc.) inside them.

After this we'd shuffle onto statistics/numbers and how we could use them in an assignment/feature piece, which I'd find a little bit on the bor- not boring as such - more "uninteresting" - but I understand how they could and can be used and why they are important.

Whilst covering this we went over the types of statistics and elements we could use to improve our writing such as: - Statistics

- Fact Boxes (Numbers)

- Illustrations

- Bullet Points

- Sub-Headings

- Time Management also hugely important

following this would be a quick look at ONS (Office For National Statistics) To conclude, we went over the most important part of writing a lecture:

- Finding A Story Angle (that potentially hasn't been covered)

- Keep It Factual

- Statistics Add Value

- Finding Statistics (on ONS or other) can make a story - e.g: if the number of homeless people in Surrey exceeds a significant number)

After the lecture (which ended at about 1 or 2 or so) Lynn looked at the starts of the different assignments I had made - and other than getting a little bit confused (writing the start of a feature, instead of a news-story for Assignment 2, Task 1) she was overall very supportive and impressed - and said that what I had done was exactly what we were going to do for the lecture tomorrow, and said I could miss tomorrow's if I wanted to.

Shortly after, I'd go shopping, and after being declined a free spare mask (fair enough) I unwittingly (didn't take my bag) put a pack of blue-tac in my coat pocket - and sort of made myself look like a right knob (shoplifter)

After a pretty damn good "supermarket sweep" I'd go to the self check-out and...

Manage to afford the food I had bought!!!

Yay! I had enough sweets to last me a good while (at 3:24pm on Tuesday I've still got over half of the confectionary I bought!) plus a wee little diecast 2020 Dodge RAM 1500 Rebel - just to sustain my Mental Health.

"But Robin! You can't eat metal or BlueTak!"

Yes, I bought Blue tak and the diecast mentioned - but I also got food for the week including meatballs, spaghetti and meatballs, cod fillets and chicken fillets - a nice amount of food for the week.

That evening I'd talk to Jack Brannon (old friend of mine) for the first time in what seemed like...forever and... watch a 50 minute video of a dog getting groomed - not what I planned - but I watched a minute....found it weirdly satisfying and then stayed a little longer - and by the end, the dog looked brand new!!

I won't link it here because in addition to matting the dog had a medical issue - which I rather not go into - instead I'll give the link to the channel and you too can get sucked into watching 50 minutes of a dog getting groomed.

Channel Link I'd have Pizza that night.

Just before getting in the shower that evening - I finally solved the puzzle of a song that had been on my mind for over half the day - Alan Walker's "Send Me To Sleep" - I knew it was EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and had the term "Yesterday, Yesterday" (actually "Yesterday, anytime") in it. With the help of "AZLyrics" - and the term "Let Me Catch My Breath" I was finally able to find it!!

That night I'd have thoughts about my late friend Drew.

Tuesday 17th November

Today has been rather chill - waking up at 11/12, breakfast at 1 - before having a "brain-surge" of an idea to add to my assignment before writing up this Blog.

And that's about it.

From here I'm probably going to do a little Blog on Kabort's November - and see where I go from there!


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