U.K.A: An Update On Everything!

What Does UKA Stand For?

It's the initals of the three Blog Series I have going on - Uniblog, Kabort and A Virtual Road-Trip Across the World!

So, let's go in the order of UKA and begin with UniBlog


Other than some right-neck pain, and Yahoo Mail being an absolute - excuse my French - bitch - today's been pretty calm - and rather uneventful.

Since Monday or so Yahoo Mail (my email provider) has been having an absolute hissy fit on all devices.

Searching "Yahoo Mail" on Google will work, but then double clicking it will cause it to load for an excess of five minutes before saying "This site cannot be reached, uk.mail.yahoo.com took too long to respond"

Having asked the leader/manager of the Uni's Formula 3 team to contact me through this email address - only at 1am or something did I receive the emails from that day, including the one containing the Microsoft Teams link.

I managed to contact him through my university email to tell him of the issues I've been having and he's managed to give me a link via my university email and re-scheduled the meeting (again) to Friday.

Other than that I've just been chilling on my laptop. The plan for tonight is to have some of Jya's chips he so kindly gave to me (so long as I buy a pack of chips in repayment) and make further progress on one of my assignments.

We're in mid-November now. As much as I hate to admit it - we are closing in on not only December and Christmas, but a deadline too - and with deadline dates being a weakness of mine (school & college being A LOT more forgiving) - the sooner I get started and make a start, the less I have to cram into the final weeks and days before the assignment is due - and the last thing I want to be dealing with before Christmas is an overdue assignment and the repercussions and consequences that come along with that.


Kabort is doing well. Kabort is good, fine and alright. In the time I last did a Blog on Kabort, we've added two new members to our crew - a Canadian and a Brit.

Both are Class C Drivers but are looking to quickly make the jump up to Class B.

Last weekend was an "off-weekend" both in terms of performance and events (only ISRC taking place) - but this coming weekend is the Endurance Le Mans Series (ELMS) event at Nurburgring - as well as two additional hosted endurance races we are not taking part in. The weekend after that (not this weekend, next weekend) is the final weekend in November and then we move into December...and I'm not looking at the calendar. I don't want to. It terrifies me slightly how quickly time is going - and the advent calendar will only further show this.

Not strictly to do with Kabort, but at Uni, that's how you've got to take it - one day at a time - yes, focus on the future, do work ahead of time - but don't dwell on the future. The time you spend dwelling and worrying about the future and what's to come could have been spent pumping out words on your assignment - saying that, I just focussed on the future for a second and look where it got me? A few further words on my blog and nothing else.

A Virtual Road-Trip Around The World

Albeit the less than ideal Russian road conditions, we've made some incredibly solid progress - dipping under 100 Hours to our first destination.

This region looks very similar - and as said before, there aren't really too many landmarks - so I've got to make my own.

This week we've passed over the top of Kazakhstan and now are approaching a fairly interesting region - first passing the bottom (south) of Lake Baikal before crossing over the top of the last country before our destination: Mongolia.

With mere hours left and sea in sight - there will be a stint where we will be driving alongside North Korea (not directly, but the country to the right of us) Our journey will then take a mysterious turn - which I will leave as a surprise.


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