3 Races In One Post

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

I’ve been very busy, so I decided to just combine the most recent 3 races in one post.


ET: 32


Q: Kabort Evo: 21st (Jansen) |Extra: 23rd (Marcel Van Den Berg)

R: DNF | DNF (12th)

F: 17

S: 31

SOF: 1339

didn’t race because someone couldn’t get into the team, so they created a new one.

Mount Panorama ET: 46


Q: 35th (Tim Kasigkeit)

R: 25th/29th depending on retirements.

F: 26

S: 43

SOF: 2037

I had been very busy in the week prior to Bathurst, therefore got very little practice in. This showed in the race. Weather it was because there was a huge amount of entries (larger than normal), very high Strength Of Field (2nd highest in my career) or because we had never run a 2-driver team before, this race was incredibly challenging. To add insult to injury, Tim made a couple of survivable mistakes before then having a big crash.

After going wide to let a lead battle lap us, he hit the wall at an awkward angle, the barrier shredded our car to pieces, and Tim left.

There was more than 40 minutes of repairs – and in a 3 hour race, that really harms you – and after these were done, I spun up the rears coming up the hill, adding another 10 minutes of repairs – finishing the race in the pit-lane. Certainly one to forget.

Barber Motorsports Park

ET: 12


Q: 6th (Daniel Newell)

R: 9th (Should have been 8th, had I not stacked it!)

F: 9

S: 11

SOF: 1509

Another practice-less week, and having never driven Barber before, it was a slightly risky choice to race, but with three drivers, I was a lot more confident.

Over the course of practice and the race, I learnt the track, and got more confident at it. Having only 12 cars in the race also helped. The start of the race was spent dwindling around the back of the grid, before a large majority of the grid decided to use a very odd strategy by pitting early, this promoted us up positions, before our pit-stop came, and we fell back down the order.

From here we had a rather lonely race, dwindling around the back of the field, before finishing 9th, which should have been 8th, but I crashed. Well Done Me.