The Small Blog Of Disappointment


I've just had a mediocre to crap evening and since I had the time, I decided to do a little update blog instead of leaving it a very long time.

So, I last blogged last Weekend...

I initially planned to do Sunday (5pm) VRS Endurance Race to make up for the shit last stint at Bathurst (binning it into the wall) but as everything was planned at the last minute - setups, stints, who was driving, which car, I decided to "can" it - because the best thing a hungry Mount Panorama likes is an unprepared team planning races at the last minute - "makes the metal more crisp" I've heard the walls whisper.

Monday 1st March 2021

Ooooh how Satisfying not only does the 1st lie on the first day of the week, but there's alliteration with Monday and March as well - nice!

On Monday I attended my Television Production lecture and wrote quite a few emails to teachers, lecturers and even a teacher from my old school! Now for the fun part, waiting for the response!

That evening I'd practice for Formula Three at Monza - the 12th and final week of the season.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Tuesday started quite "interestingly".

With a viewing at 11:00am, I made sure I was up early and had my breakfast well before they arrived.

I got on with some rather (annoying) statistics (starting to find out who did the most races at Kabort) before going upstairs.

Once upstairs I'd see the launches of Alpine and Mercedes...

The new Alpine was Stunning
The Merc in black was a beautiful new direction

Unnnnfortunately, that evening wouldn't go as well - despite a clean(ISH) race in the MOFO Hare and Tortoise race - I did rear end Joe Bradley - a big No-No especially for me as I had been a little bit on the "careless" side in prior races.

It was rather annoying because I did have the pace and I was having huge fun, but it seemed the incidents I picked up marred the rest of the race/s

A rather large discussion involving quite a few people followed after - but though it may not seem like it, I am learning from these accidents/incidents/collisions - these in turn making me a better racer...I did see gaps that I thought to myself "I would have gone for that at the start of the season"

Racing is a pretty difficult sport where the biggest lessons are learnt the hardest ways - and the lesson this time I've learnt is: Give people space down straights - especially in the braking zone. It's not fun being "talked to" but I guarentee, when I'm older and a more experienced racing driver - I'm going to be exactly in their shoes telling over enthuastastic and wreckless drivers to "calm it Kermit, not every space you see is an overtake - slow and calm down" but we'll see...hopefully I'll be better than I am now - as I say, practice makes perfect.

I also had a wobble with my Girlfriend and friends as whilst I was racing, there was a live-stream (on Instagram) going on, them requesting me to watch it - post-race I began to watch it before it got a little crazy with three people showing their faces and quite a few comments coming through.

After wanting to talk to me (and my mic playing up) they left but I ended the evening on a sour note, not being able to talk to them (on a call) and my girlfriend being not too impressed that I left the live-stream/didn't talk to her friends/raced.

Wednesday tomorrow, I gotta get some sleep for my race at Monza!

I know it's weeks away, but I've already got a detailed plan of who I want to see post-lockdown!

Aston Martin and Haas are next up on the livery-reveal list over the next coming days, so we'll see how this week pans out!


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