The Month (or so) Of Many Assignments

This past month or so has been beyond absolutely hectic - so just to give you a small idea of what I've been up to, here's a little blog to bring you up to date on everything.

The very first assignment I had to submit for Uni was on the 7th December and on the module "Key Concepts Of Journalism" where I had to discuss the positives and negatives of Citizen Journalism.

After that, I'd come home and have a few "normal" days before a train of Assignments hit me head on.

Starting this off on the 16th December was "Documentary VS Reality: Representing The Real" where I'd have to propose a question for the second assignment and why I picked this question.

Immediately following this was the first (and easier) of the Newswriting Assignments due on the 18th December where I (in a group) would have to write a news article on a local sports event. I chose UWR's preparations for 2021. You can read it here

As this was in the Christmas Holidays (week leading up to Christmas) I had the holiday festivities to think about as well as a fun video or so to film with Bonehead/Dan - but it was my choice and not a requirement

Arriving in 2021, we went into lockdown (more stress/anxiety/doubt/uncertainty)

Despite major concerns with the length and quality of my second news writing assignment (I worked on endlessly) The first week and two days of 2021 went pretty smoothly and were somewhat enjoyable.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, I had missed an assignment/deadline - the question/essay that I had proposed earlier was due on the 10th January, Newswriting the very next day (11th January).

Fortunately the people in my course alerted me of this and I have until the 17th (tomorrow to get it done) which is tough shit.

Originally due on the 15th January (extension accepted for the 22nd Jan) is a 1,500 word portfolio for the Key Concepts of Journalism. If everything stays as is, this will be the last assignment to be completed until March, which is a TV News Production piece - but with lockdown and us not being able to use the equipment, I'm sure due dates will be shuffled around.

In times like these, I always like to go back to what Andy Jones once told me

"Expect to get lost at some point. It's quite normal. So my degree was maths, 10 week term. After about week 5 in EVERY term, and EVERY course, I'd start to get a bit puffed out, after week 8 I'd just be taking the lecture notes without really following. Results after 3yrs ? Easy 1st."
"The speed and amount of content is incomparable with previous stages"

The suggestion of the Uni not wanting to "frighten us off" on day 1 (but later on in the semester) was also bought up.

This helps my confidence as it's not just me struggling, it is fugging difficult and it's one of the highest levels of education in the UK and of course it's going to be difficult - and maybe the stress is motivating me to keep going and keep working.

Right now I'm at the top of the bobsled run - the next 6 days (in a bobsled run, 60 seconds) will be very difficult and very stressful - but once I'm at the bottom and alive, I've survived the run and I can breath a sigh of relief and look back in pride.


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