The Birth Of Kabort Motorsport

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I've gone into vast detail into every aspect of Kabort Motorsport - the high's, lows, the days before....but what I have never gone into detail about is how Kabort was born....where everything started. How I ended up racing on my own in the Ferrari GT3 Challenge in Season 2, 2019, to a week later having acquired a team...this is the story of Kabort Motorsport's Birth.... Let's wind back the clocks to mid to late April of 2019. If was half way through the Season 2, 2019 Season and the world-famous iRacing Nurburgring 24 Hours was approaching fast. I wrote a post on the forum asking if there was any teams I could join, or any drivers that would want to join me. I am not sure where it went, or how I was contacted, but a driver called Derrick contacted me and informed me about a team called "AOD (Angels Of Death) Racing - after joining, he showed me around - and made me sign up for various things such as TeamSpeak and plenty of things on their website, and their iRacing Team. One rule in particular was that you had to be on TeamSpeak whenever you raced - I didn't much fancy this as I prefer to concentrate on racing, rather than anticipating someone joining the voice channel. In one of these practice sessions, I met a driver called Tim Kasigkeit - we were roughly the same the time I didn't think much of it, although we did a fair few laps together With a combination of the factor above, (always being on TeamSpeak) as well as not being very fast at Nurburgring, compared to the others, in addition to the fact that I had to post something on the AOD Forum at least X in X amount of time, I began searching for another team. AOD weren't too happy about this and said I should have told them that I was struggling or needed help -as opposed to finding a friendlier team.

From here, I was pinballed around a bit - from SIMLAB weren't looking for any drivers, who then referred me to Steen Ledger, team principal of Full Send Racing. He helped me search/find new teams...

I'm not sure if Steen invited me to race for him, or I interpreted it wrong, however they (Full Send Racing) had a minimum lap-time as well. He then suggested going to to 77SimRacing, but unfortunately they weren't going to compete in the Nurburgring 24 Hours.


After receiving a message from a man called "Vaughn Glace" I hit the Jackpot. I simply told him what I was looking for, and he responded exactly as I wished - Vaughn would turn out to be from RSR Esports - the last ever team I joined - RSR was absolutely fine and a thoroughly enjoyable experience, even though I annoyed them often. It was a big team expanding over many disciplines, so I thought, on the run up to the new season I could create an "endurance only" RSR Esports Team - which specialised in endurance racing and nothing else - a handful joined...and I remembered that young man that was in the AOD Racing practice session he wasn't 100% happy with the team that he was in, so I invited him along too, and before long we had a nice small, comfy endurance team... the name would change shortly after, but this was essentially the birth of Kabort Motorsport, and from here it's grown both in improvement and in size. Starting a team from scratch - humble beginnings - is how Kabort started, and though some left due to not enough progression, or dis-organised-ness, the fact that some have still stayed after all this time and all these obstacles is simply amazing. And I honestly don't mind if it takes 1 year, or 10 years to get a win- as long as we a striving for the best we can be, and we are constantly improving, that's all I care about. And onward from here Kabort is moving forward, as I have searched for teams and found my niche, my ex-drivers too have used Kabort Motorsport on their ladder to success - no matter how long they stayed, the fact that Kabort Motorsport was part of their story makes me very proud. Whether they stay at Eleven9 Motorsport or progress to even bigger things is totally up to them...but the fact that one of my drivers thought of a solution, stepped up and created his own team, which sorted out the problems the Kabort Motorsport has/d makes me the most proud. The future is long and bright my friend,

Happy New Year Robin