Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Our fantastic Spa Double Header (previously triple header, but I didn’t go to the Real Spa 24 Hours) started with the VRS Endurance round at Spa Francorchamps.

For the second race in a row, Kabort ran more than one car – this time running two cars, and KABORT (T. KAsigkeit, N. BOccanfuso and R. Truswell) was also back!

Spa Francorchamps

ET: 34


Q: Kabort: 19th (Kasigkeit) | Gold: 23rd (South)

R: 8th | DNF (19th)

F: 17

S: 31

SOF: 1339

Kabort Motorsport (Car 1)

Despite a shaky start, losing a few positions, dropping to 23rd (where the second team started) Tim managed to build his way back up to 15th (providing we started in 19th), was a great first stint. Boxing a lap later only meant we lost one place in the pits, and despite only just being able to battle for 15th, I gave it away for the sake of the team…doing this meant that I could pick off drivers that made mistakes one by one, until we were in 8th. After a quick pit-stop, losing a couple of positions, Nicholas managed to get back our lost positions in the remainder of the race.

Motorsport Gold

Starting in a much lower position, Dave made a bloody brilliant get away, jumping into 19th (where we started) by the end of the first lap. Within the first 10 laps he jumped into the top 10 – 10th! An intense battle with Attrition #027, only slightly slowing their performance. Not even a pit-stop swapping over with Danish hero Sven Jansen could stop their battling! Gold ended up victorious, beating the other team which fell down the order. Lap 33 and Kabort Gold were in the top 6 – 5th place in their sights…Lap 39, and this move happened…but it was not meant to be.

Motorsport Gold plummeted down the order – down to 12th before retiring.

They did do another attempt, and were a lot more successful, yet I do not wish to report on this.

Brands Hatch

ET: 9!


Q: NLC (No Clean Lap, only 6 put in a lap)

R: 8th

F: 7

S: 8

SOF: 1726

Brands Hatch?!?!? But that’s not in Belgium?! Let alone Spa!!!!

Whilst everyone else was preparing for the big race, me Kelson and Tim decided to have a cheeky VRS race at Brands Hatch….and so did 9 other teams…such a small little event!

Tim qualified, despite Kelson saying he did a faster lap-time the previous night (edgy me!)

And Tim was on fire during the race, instantly boosting us up 2 places due to retirements, and another due to his quick pace, at one point we went into 5th (late pit-stop), after this we were meant to have a 6th place finish, but 5 laps from the end, the guy behind us since lap 26 (123 laps were completed) just slipped past.

iRacing Spa 24 Hours in next post.