Sebring, Sebring, Sebring...And A Little More Sebring...

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

With the looming approach of the Sebring 12 Hours, iRacing has ensured that we've all had our fair amount of practice. This all started with the AMG (Awesome Motorsport Group) fun race on the 6th of March - which promised to be a good race, but due to complications...turned into a hot-lapping session by myself. There were two other 911 GT3 Cup cars in the half-a-dozen strong field, meaning I qualified 3rd. The rest of the field was comprised of the newly-released Porsche 718 Cayman GT4's, which are considerably slower than even a baby GT3 car.

As the lights went out I got an astonishing start....compared to the GT4's. The guy ahead of me also had a poor start - so for about a couple of hundred yards or so, I was in second place, before the slower starting 911 caught up and passed me. Being in "no man's land" accelerated fatigue...and with roughly 20 or so minutes left in the race, they caught me up (As I wasn't pushing, as there was nothing to catch). Being at 8:30pm didn't help either. I then had a half-spin, allowing the chasing GT4's to pass me, this annoyance led to more silly mistakes. I eventually retired due to both lack of tyres, motivation and energy.

It all started so well....
It all started so well....

The 90 Minute practice race hosted by AOD was 2 days later, unfortunately Sebring isn't quite my Forte (yet) and I couldn't see myself doing 2 hours of driving - especially after both the Daytona practice race palava and AMG Race disappointment.

Following on from this, Sir Smokey (William Burfield) our resident "special events" driver wasn't entirely comfortable with the GTE (which was originally going to be the Ford GT, 2017 - which I don't have) but within the hour, we had agreed that the Mercedes AMG GT3 was the best option for both of us. Whilst doing laps, William would analyse my overall performance - by hanging back and then "sending it" multiple times - this helping myself and he overtaking and defending. The Mercedes quickly grew on on me - and within the duration she got a name - Melissa - I just hope Felicia doesn't find out! (Fortunately Felicia is a GTE, so I don't have to worry about cheating on either girl in the ELMS. Will said that I had vastly improved, and was much less panicky. Weather that's because I wasn't on a mountain, had ABS or I was genuinely more comfortable with Melissa I wasn't sure - but all that mattered was that I was better than before and my defending had improved. That brings us onto this weekend - the Sebring 12 Hours - which is, coincidentally, the same track as the opening round of the Porsche iRacing Cup series. With an iRating of less than 700 now, I desperately need some way of lifting it up.

I desperately hope to the heavens that one day iRacing will make a "Mercedes AMG GT3 Challenge" because THAT would be awesome - and attract A LOT of attention! Onward past The Sebring 12, the first week of the Endurance Le Mans Series is funnily enough Sebring - It'd be incredibly interesting to blind-fold one of my drivers and see how well they know their way around Sebring after so many races there this month....Or take a shot every time I write/say Sebring - that could also be very interesting....or dangerous.

It seemed a good idea at the time In the end, one of three things could happen: 1) We could all end up loving the track 2) We all end up bored sick of the track 3 We end up all hating the track with our guts. Sebring. It. On!