Motorsport Madness & A Little Look Back

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Motorsport Madness

26 - 27 June

Following the French Grand Prix on the 20th June, the following weekend of the 26th - 27th June saw exciting racing all across the nation - the British GT taking place at Silverstone, and the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) taking place at Brands Hatch.

Since I was in Harlow (and very busy), I saw neither.

On the same weekend, the car meet "Broke Boys At The Farm" also took place.

The Legends league Truswell took part in back in late May also continued without fail - the series now in their 7th race of their 12 round championship

The Morgan Series that the University Of Wolverhampton partake in were in Belgium, at Spa.

On iRacing, it was the Hockenheim 24 Hours.

3rd - 4th July

The following weekend was as equally as chaotic as the last - Britcar now being at Silverstone and the F1 being at Austria for the second of a double-header.

Elsewhere, the GT Cup (I loved/love so much) headed to Oulton Park.

On iRacing, it was the 4th round of the NEC (Nürburgring Endurance Championship/Series.

The F1 Grand Prix being thrilling, the NEC being...exciting as always (due to being at Nords) - especially as there was a Pink Kabort car in P6 - this being a Mazda MX5 powered by Adam Pearce and Daniel Weber.

The (Kabort Yellow) Mercedes GT3 that also ran in this race was run by Tom Van De Pol (BEL) and Spencer Kemble (USA), their tough day ended with a 30th place

The following weekend is also a biggy with Goodwood Festival of Speed - myself still not getting tickets due to the unpredictability of my current situation...and constantly forgetting to.

A Little Look Back

The 28th June (almost a week ago) marked my return home from's a brief summary of what's happened since...

28th May: Came Home from University

29th May: Dinner in a bubble With Annie

30th May: Going to the beach with friend and her baby

31st May: 1 Year Anniversary Of Dating Annie, Pizza Express meal.

1st June: Day out with Evie

2nd June - 3rd May: Trip with friend to Brighton

4th June: Trip to Surrey to see Evie (since she wanted to see me, so I bought Amelia Down)

5th June: Littlehampton with friend

6th - 7th June: Tyre blow-out with friend & sorting it

8th June: Came Home (May 29th - June 8th: Craziest Fortnight Of My Life: Week 1) 9th - 11th June: Week 13

12th June: Castle Combe, F3 Cup 13th - 14th June: Finishing Week 13 < Thought Wedding was on 17th June >

15th - 17th June: Back @ Harlow.

<Wedding moved to Weekend of 19th - 20th June >

18th June: Parents went into self-isolation/quarantining on the 19th June due to Hospital Visit - I stayed in Harlow for Freedom Purposes - Wedding moved to 2nd July.

18th June: London Trips Begin.

(June 9th - June 21st: Craziest Fortnight Of My Life: Week 2)

23rd June: Final Day Of Family Self-Isolation.

24th June - 2nd July = 8 Days. With Wedding Prep (clothing) this week was needed.

(June 22nd - June 30th : Craziest Fortnight Of My Life: Week 3)

1st July - 2nd July: Waiting For Wedding, Due to take place momentarily.

<Pushed to weekend of>


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