Life Flashes By In A Split Second (Week 2)

Backtracking slightly, Tuesday 24th was the day that Week 11 (Of 12) began - the last full week I could compete in before Uni, Scotland and Moving House were about to flip my life upside down.

24th (Tue): Great Yarmouth (Never race on Tuesdays anyway)

25th (Wed): Sorting Land Rover, Mate's COVID Jab In Essex, Nice evening in Surrey

26th (Thur): Family BBQ, Then back to Essex to pick up mate

27th (Fri): Finishing packing stuff, on the road by the time I wanted to race

28th (Sat): Big weekend of Motorsport // Picked up Evie 29th (Sun): Picked up Amelia // Dog Walk // Sleepover with couple people

30th (Mon): Rig Up To Harlow, desk not suitable for racing. Left on Friday 3rd.

Meaning I sort of ran out of time to do W11 at Interlagos - which was a shame, because it's a great track which offers great racing and battling - and even a pole and podium of mine.


Following the Night Of Many Horrors, (getting to bed at past 03:30am), things only seemed to ramp up...that day was:

  1. ARL F3 @ Red Bull Ring (retired from League) - iRacing

  2. BTCC @ Thruxton (Rubbish track to spectate from) - Real Life

  3. Creventic 12hrs Catalunya (If I would have 12 hours free, I'd be a changed man!) - iRacing

4. Artic X-Prix (Only saw the first X-Prix/Extreme E race) - Real Life

5. GT World Challenge - UK (No time to watch a day of racing!) - Real Life

6. Melons 24 Hours @ Okayama (If I would have time to do a 24 Hour race, I would!) - iRacing

7. Spa Grand Prix (Spoiler: 4 Laps, all behind safety - Real Life

28/09/2021 (Properly)

Instead of racing in any of the iRacing events above, I'd see two people in Staines (seeing some relatives of my friend) before picking Evie up at about 10pm.

From here, we'd go down to Horsham to get fuel/sweets/drinks (via Warnham and a cool train level crossing - which we saw in use), before heading back to Woking to spend the night.

Whilst Evie and my friend were on the double bed, I was on the mattress that came from my regular bed (in my room) - which wasn't too bad.

Unfortunately I don't remember all too much more from the 28th because I have a screw loose, but the 29th was a little bit "action packed"

Also on the 28th, I'd check my packing with Charis, the person I was going on holiday to Scotland with.


After waking up and having breakfast, we'd hit the road. We had a lot to get done including things with the Landie, and some other personal tasks

First up was Staines, where we picked up Amelia and took the baby-sitters dog for a nice walk around Staines.

We'd next head to Harlow, one of Evie's first times up there (other than once during the Time Of COVID).

Whilst it wasn't an "insane day of travelling and drama", we did diagnose some problems with the Land Rover and find out my Black Box was blocking the fuse box to fix my car's charging issue (doesn't charge electronic devices) as well as her passenger window problem (only driver can fully operate front passenger window)

Other than a quick trip out to my most favourite road in Harlow, Hammarskjold Road and watching Casualty together, it was a pretty un-eventful day, and following Casualty, I'd take Evie home, only arriving at half past midnight, before going onward to mine, arriving at past 1am.

Casualty, as per, was quite an odd episode - a criminal this time being taken to "Holby City Hospital", the rest being beyond me.

Well, other than a character having a nice '20 model Audi - that's my only takeaway from the episode.

Though we weren't able to tick all too many things off the list, Kiara was checked over and was given the go-ahead! Nice, another thing ticked off before Scotland


Just 11 days after hitting 300 subscribers on my YouTube Channel, I'd hit the next hundred: 400 Subscribers.

Gaining 100 Subscribers in just 11 days was - and still is absolutely insane and at such an unexpected, rapid and crazy rate - and as cliché as it sounds - it certainly was something outside of my wildest dreams.

No, being a YouTuber - or even going viral wasn't my goal, idea or even ambition, but I'll certainly take it!

Yes, OK, it was only because my videos were being "recommended" by many people - but maybe there's an off-chance that one or two will stay...stay for the memes, content and to see where this little, insignificant little channel goes.

Now that my content is no longer in the "recommended" section of YouTube, it's interesting to see how many will stay after the hype has gone - after the tourists have gone home.

I've got Merch now, so we'll see how that changes the game.

Available Here:

In other news, one year ago today, I suggested we "scrap" the Golden livery and stick with a highlighter one. Since then, yes, we've moved onto circles, but no less, the colours inside those circles came from these cars.

In terms of the actual events that occurred on the day: After staying overnight in Surrey, I'd wake up early and (with help from my mum), pack and load the rig (in parts), monitor and computer tower.

At midday, I'd leave Surrey to arrive in Harlow at 2pm.

The next couple of hours would be spent un-packing the rig, plugging the monitor and tower in (as well as the mouse) in addition to checking that everything worked...and it did!

I was very tempted to do a race that night, or the following day, but there was a small issue - not with the equipment itself, but the setup itself.

Usually, (my feet - and even shins) are underneath the table on which the monitor sits - giving the impression that my legs are underneath the dashboard...however....

With where the rig is at the moment, my entire rig (pedals, feet, legs and all) is behind a desk/table/drawers, meaning I'm a meter or so away from the monitor, making the FOV (Field Of View) a little unrealistic/weird.

Had it been realistic - I'd probably be sitting in the back of - or even boot of the car I was driving. Engine in the rear? I'd be real toasty!

After a 6-hour outing, I'd stay in Harlow for the night and stay until 2pm the following day.


Tuesday. Usually the start of a new iRacing week, but with uni, moving out, the rig in Harlow as well as Scotland circulating in and around my mind, I had no time for that.

The GT3 Challenge may have headed to Montreal, but I wasn't headed to my rig, I was headed elsewhere!

From memory, I just bumbled around Harlow, not doing all too much in specific, staying until the 1st September - going to Halfords on the 31st, and then another shop elsewhere on the 1st.

In Review, I stayed:

21st - 22nd Aug: Woking

23rd - 24th Aug: Harlow

25th Aug: New Friend's House

26th - 29th August: Woking

30th August: Harlow

31st August: Harlow

I've been incredibly busy, and I apologise for the tardiness of this Blog, but I'm getting through it, whilst also holidaying in Scotland #Multitasking

Hope you enjoyed it! Catch you next time!


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