Dropping Out Like Flies

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

In the space of less than a month, we’ve lost a considerable amount of drivers…not only those who were “fired” at the end of the previous season, 5 more drivers have left Kabort Motorsport, which I guess I have to be positive about because it shows the loyal drivers, compared to those who just stay for a race or so. It’s a tough time for me too, after losing a close friend, as well as having upcoming maths exams, meaning I have to step out of the drivers seat and do a bit of revision and ensure Discord is running smoothly.

Alec Serzynski (not invited) Andrew Oxtoby (Came and then left) Ricky Styles (New-comer, destined for great things) Oliver Mandrish (Contract Gained)

Ricky’s Last Words:

"Hey guys, its been a short time here, but I don't think I'll be competing with Team Kabort. I’ve made a few team decisions and I've decided to keep it minimal and run most races with a few friends. You guys have been awesome, good community going on here, keep it up and wish the best of luck". -Ricky

Michael Fazzari (removed himself) Kaden Bihn (removed himself) Daniel Doan (removed himself) Elijah Mitchell (Already had team)

There is more positivity as Aitor-Sintes Galindo (Getu) has returned after a good few months away from iRacing, and he’s raring to get back in the drivers seat!

Good luck to all those that have left, and I wish you the best in the future.