Driving Forever - A Preview Of The Coming Weeks

These next two weeks are going to be absolutely insane for me - this weekend, I will be driving my brother to and fro on Saturday, before taking my mum to the airport on the day after. This will be followed by a week of endless, hard practicing in all weather conditions - and most importantly ensuring that ALL of the drivers are comfortable, happy and safe at night. Before we know it, The Big Weekend will be upon us! Tuesday next week will mark my 1 Year Anniversary on iRacing - and I have asked DeNise Designs (our painter) to do something nice for the occasion...I am very excited to see what comes of it...and who knows - We may even have a 1 year birthday bash at the location of my first ever race....Summit Point - but celebrations must wait, as there are more important things to focus on... From 7:00am GMT on Saturday, to 1:00pm on Sunday, a Kabort Motorsport car will be racing somewhere in the world. From 7.00am to midday on Saturday will be in the ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) race at Le Mans - where some old faces like Joao Paulo Costa, our insane Brazilian as well as Kabort Korea (after some slight schedule changes) will make an appearance. From 13.00, the racing on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean will begin - The Team's first official 24 Hour Race since the Spa 24 Hours. With the exception of myself and Kelson Penn - all will be having their first ever 24 hour race...and what a location to have it too. This race will be very special to me - because after the horrors of both the "Race For Mental Health" and "Winter Nurburgring" which were both plagued by problems - one being the fact we ran out of drivers, and the other due to the fact that Nordschliefe at night proved to be too difficult for both teams, we finally have a shot at some potentially great results. My first special event was the 6 hours of Watkins Glen - and we finished 21st, then we finished 12th at Spa 24 Hours - now with a group of extremely close drivers, who have showed they have the skill...I think it's high time that Kabort Motorsport upset the order of things.... All we know is it's going to be a wild weekend, and not a single soul in this team can wait until it starts!