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Crazy Month Ahead for Kabort Boys

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

We've just stepped into the month of October, the trees are browning and the falling leaves are creating some stunning scenery...but for the Kabort Motorsport drivers there's no time to admire the view. This weekend, 6 of Kabort's finest drivers will be taking on the fabled 10 hour endurance race "Petite Le Mans" at Road Atlanta. Their weapon of choice will be a bright pink Ferrari 488 GTE, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (all twitch, shop and other donations earned in this time, will go straight to Cancer Research UK, and other cancer charities.

The Pink Princess - Ready to fight cancer and kick ass!

The Ferrari will definitely stand out at Road Atlanta

Kabort Motorsport Petite Le Mans Entry List

Marco Marozzi (ITA)

Shaw Syska (USA)

Daniel Newell (USA)

Nicholas Boccanfuso (USA)

Jaehan An (S. Korea)

Gas Cohen (S. Africa)

Mark Zuidhof Watch all the action live on Gas Cohen's live-stream at All but 2 of the drivers will be able to have 2 stints. Jimmy Broadbent's Race For Mental Health Whilst this is happening, the team principal will be doing one-to-one practice with Kabort's new driver William Burfield, who will be hot-seating with him for Jimmy Broadbent's 24 Hour Charity race at Zolder, which will be happening the following weekend.

We return to Europe the following weekend for a Belgian double-header - first "Jimmy Broadbent's Race For Mental Health" - a 24 hour race at Zolder in either an Audi RS3 LMS Touring Car, or an Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car. All money made out of this event, will go to "MIND", a Mental Health Charity. The main colour theme of our car will be Blue and Silver, in memory of Andrew Johnson, whom we will be remembering by the hashtag #BlueForDrew. Out of the respect of those we have lost, an individual post with more information will be released on the day of the race. Kabort Motorsport Race For Mental Health Entry List

Gas Cohen (S. Africa) - #BraveForCraig Jaehan An (S. Korean) #SangYoung Robin Truswell (GBR) #BlueForDrew William Burfield (GBR) #ForCorrine

Endurance Le Mans Series On the Sunday of this same weekend, at 15.00 BST, The next round of the iRacing Endurance Le Mans Series (ELMS) will be running at Spa Francorchamps. All of those racing in the "Race for Mental Health" race will be doing this event as well. After not finishing either of the first two races, a lot of pressure is on the LMP1 team who are still looking for their first finish of the season. Spa Francorchamps is not for the faint of heart, so whether they make it to the end or not is for fate to decide...

Kabort Motorsport Endurance Le Mans Series Spa Entries Audi R18

N. Boccanfuso (USA)

J. An (S. Korea)

Ferrari GTE

Car 1

Daniel Newell (USA)

Dave South (GBR)

Marco Marozzi (ITA)

Shaw Syska (USA)

Car 2

Gas Cohen (S. Africa)

Joseph Griffin (USA)

Robin Truswell (GBR)

Jermaine Warren (USA)

Jamie Moylan (GBR)


Other News

The Kabort Motorsport Porsche 919 has been dropped from the roster. Our LMP1 drivers on the team have shown considerable favour towards the Audi R18 LMP1. As my dad owns an Audi himself - and has owned many Audi's for many years, and had a special connection to them, I obviously have no bias to either car. The final update to bring is that we have a spooky livery just for Halloween! Which is being painted which will be available for all spooky drivers to drive!

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