Bathurst 1000KM

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

A fortnight ago, Kabort Motorsport entered the Bathurst 1,000km with two cars - a Ford (piloted by 4 Koreans and an Australian) as well as a Holden. The drivers that entered were:

Ford Falcon V8 Supercar Park Chihyong (Did Not Enter) Jaehan An Ho Chul Shin

Kyle Jeong Yu Sung Yune Holden V8 Supercar

Kelson Penn (USA)

Gas Cohen (S. Africa)

Robin Truswell (GBR)

Kabort Korea (Ford)

The Koreans had a very, very good race, which unfortunately unravelled itself towards the end.

The unstoppable force of Ho Chul Shin managed to qualify the Ford on the second row, one of Kabort's highest qualifying sessions since it was founded.

With a smile on their faces, and a speed-demon behind the wheel, Kabort Korea set off for what would turn out to be one of Kabort Motorsport's greatest races.

Despite losing one solitary position off the start, the Koreans held their ground for the first dozen laps, before slowly catching the leaders. The impenetrable force eventually jumped into 3rd place, after the car ahead of them crashed. Smart thinking and a late pit-stop briefly put Kabort Korea into the lead for a short period, before only falling back down to 4th when Ho Chul took over from Jaehan.

Ho Chul isn't just a racing driver - he is an insane speed freak! Less than 10 laps after leaving the pits, Ho Chul was back. Not only did he reclaim 3rd place, he stole 2nd as well! This absolutely faultless, flawless form lasted an entire stint, with minimal X's. Madman Jaehan watched and learned. The pit-stop came and went quicker than you could say "Come On Crazy, Quick Kabort Korea!" - it was barely a matter of seconds, before Jaehan went from 4th up to second after the pit-stop. This fluid team was so fast, that they managed another pit-stop, and only after 2 laps, they took the lead of the race. This is not just quick - this is Kabort Korea Quick! Looking at these lap-charts still baffle me, even today! (11 Oct)

But all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately this absolutely phenomenal race, had to be spoiled - not by and individual, but a multitude of things.

Ho Chul Shin-possible to beat came into the pits, and swapped over with the Australian of Kyle Jeong, who easily took back the lead for 16 laps. and then pitted. The car had damage, and took longer than expected to repair.

Yu Sung got into the car for a short stint, before swapping with Jinmo Seok.

It was at this point that the car fell out of the podium positions - from now on it was about damage limitation and getting it to the end, which Jinmo and Ho Chul managed to do. The team were in a slightly disillusioned after the great result, but it was quite understandable after thinking about what the result COULD have been. From here, all but Jaehan and Yu Sung Yoon remained. Kyle would join far far in the future.

Park never entered the race, as he went out to with real life friends, despite showing serious interest.

Ho Chul Shin is looking for a job, and will likely return when he finds one

Kyle Jeong stated that he wasn't too interested in continuing to race/iRacing Despite being very fast Yu Sung Yoon only speaks one or two words of English, so there is a small language barrier. Bathurst 1000KM - Kabort Korea

ET: 24

P: 3rd!

Q: 3rd (2nd Ford)

R: 4th (2nd Ford)

F: 14

S: 23

SOF: 1726

Special Guests: Rory Alexander (ERREIIISSSSSS On YouTube), Michael Fazarri (Ex. Driver)

Kabort Motorsport

On the other side of the world, the team of Gas Cohen, Kelson Penn and Robin Truswell also had a very successful race! Gas Qualified the team 13th - unlucky for some, lucky for others. Fortunately, it was our lucky race.

After a brief drop down to 14th, Gas picked up the pace and launched us into 11th early on. It was shortly after this that we hit our first small hiccup when gas had issues with is VR (Virtual Reality) headset. Following this, Kelson jumped into the car, and not returned to 13th, but flew past it too! By the end of his stint he was 9th! Gas (the mad-man) Cohen jumped back in after fixing his VR headset, losing no positions during the pit-stop. At this point, we were in 8th place...unfortunately though, this was short lived as I had to get in. We boxed a lap later, getting a single position for 4 laps, before I decided to "tow" for repairs (there was another reason which has since escaped me). During my final stint, I managed to get up to 9th place - the same place Gas had got to before his late stop. I also crashed it at the top of the hill, and towed it, but this did not affect the outcome. What I did learn throughout this - is that the V8 Supercar is incredibly fun to drive!

A driver called Edu Vila attempted to the whole thing solo (or hot-seating) however, was disqualified afterwards.

Bathurst 1000KM - Kabort Motorsport

ET: 24

P: 14th Q: 13th

R: 7th

F: 8

S: 19

SOF: 1319