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Another Wild Week For Kabort Motorsport

following on from the insane few weeks we had previously, the madness of Christmas kept on coming. Saturday 21st December After a half (college) day on Friday, the Christmas holiday officially began on Saturday - and what better way to Celebrate it than by celebrating Getu's 100 Day Anniversary At Kabort Motorsport. Also on this day, the UK saw some pretty intense flooding - some homes were flooded, fortunately I live next to a flood-field, these turning into a stunning lake at times of high water. (we also live relatively near to the low-lands of a small river) Sunday 22nd December This day wasn't too eventful, Kabort Korea sorted themselves out to race in the winter Nurburgring 24 Hours. Monday 23rd December On this day, I realised that one of my blogs had hit 100 views which was absolutely baffling! Weather it was me pressing "F5" 100 times or 100 pairs of eyes seeing the blog that was something truly amazing. Tuesday 24th December Christmas Eve saw two drivers join the team - firstly Justinas Ribelis, who became the first Lithuanian to join the team since September. Hopefully Justinas will stay a while, and enjoy the dynamic of Kabort Motorsport. The second was another Korean (you can't have enough Koreans!) who raced in the real life Nurburgring 24 Hours in a Porsche Cayman. Christmas Day Christmas was very nice and spent with the family, I got some very nice things like sweets, books, a fancy headset (which isn't hanging by a thin thread) a Kabort Motorsport model car and a box of deodorant and shampoo - because apparently I stink? On this day, I also got some badminton rackets for the summer. Not to forget to mention that Yoonho's Secret Santa present arrived which was very nice! As for the team? I just muddled around with stint schedules just to satisfy both the Winter Nurburgring 24 Hour Regulations and their local timezone. Boxing Day The following day was boxing day, where we spent half of the day at my cousins house.

27th December, 2019 On this day, I finally decided to practice - maybe because I was finally not busy - or I saw that the race was coming incredibly quickly - seeing my lap time compared with theirs made me realise that I was up to a minute slower than them - but it didn't matter, because at the end of the day - it's about getting it to the end of the race - not winning. I also attended a mandatory short race briefing which went over some of the more complicated aspects such as the start procedure and penalties. Messing around with stints also continued. In conclusion - Whatever happens tomorrow just....happens...whether we succeed or are taken out it's just another chapter in Kabort's story.

What I can say however, is that never before have I practiced this hard for a race...and never before have I known Nordschliefe.

The best bits of Practice.

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