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Another UKA Update

Hello! Welcome back!

I really think the previous blog went swimmingly in the way I laid it out with all three "blog sections" - and if things remain the way they are - I'm probably going to keep this same format


Today's blog was mildly more interesting than the last - us discussing Broadcast Regulations - looking into some of the rules/regulations that must be adhered to whilst producing on-screen content.

Before this we went over some important dates coming up.

Tuesday marks my last on-campus lecture, which is a little saddening as it was the only exercise of the week - and a perfect opportunity to grab my post.

The government says it must all be done online now

Will You Go Home?

Short Answer: No.

With the lack of RAM my laptop has - and the fact it cannot run iRacing means that I have been extremely focussed on lectures and assignments - the occasional bit of Tomfoolery in Torshavn just giving me that much needed boost now and then.

When Will You Go Home?

The next date in the UniBlog calendar to look out for is the 18th December. The 18th is last OFFICAL day of attending University - however my last lecture is on the afternoon of the 17th December.

Having not iRaced in over a month or seeing my family for the same period I'm considering coming home on Thursday evening after the lecture.

This won't be my next time in Surrey though, as I have my 5 month anniversary on the 1st December - so I'm finding a way to have a socially distanced Pizza (outdoors of course) with my girlfriend on that weekend.

In terms of Due Dates, the next piece of work due is Representing The Real on the 16th December.

Lets have a look at how far I've come with each piece of work:

News Writing

Assignment 1 - Group Work - Local Sports Story

I have a meeting with Terry tomorrow - I should be able to find out how the F3's preparations for the 2021 Season are going

Assignment 2 - Portfolio - PT 1 - News Story

Not Started

A.2 - PT 2 Profile Interview

Had an interview with Adam Christodoulou

447 Words

Bullet Point Form

A.2 - PT 3 - Specialised Feature

Was going to "Is There Such Thing As Too Young To Race" - however, with only a response from fellow Kabort drivers - and little to go on - I felt that my GT Cup "feature-length" article had OH SO MUCH MORE substance. With the pictures I've got - I've already written 1,227 Words and I haven't even started the case study on Top Cats Racing or included content from the email response I got from a representative at the GT Cup.

A.2 - PT 4 - Reflection Log

Not Started.

Representing The Real

Assignment 1 for Representing The Real was to propose an essay question and discuss why you will be using said question. I've found myself a very good question which I can look deeply into and discuss in quite some depth - I'll be keeping it to myself just for the moment - just whilst everything is set in stone, because it's currently like concrete - setting in place, it just needs a short while to solidify.

(157 Words, Bullet Point Form)

Key Concepts Of Journalism

Key Concepts Of Journalism asks you to look at a certain (key) aspect/"concept" of journalism out of a selected list.

I've chosen Citizen Journalism - and have made an absolutely massive jump...and a jump like this has given me some massive confidence along with it.

This confidence came from the fact I had a small brain explosion earlier this week. I remembered that some YouTubers actually do forms of journalism on their channel - and how this differs from a university student taking three years to study journalism and a few comparisons between the two.

This #BrainBoost gave me a rather significant 730 words.

Disclaimer: I know it's not all about word count - but where there are words there's intelligence, and where there's intelligence there's inspiration - and a great piece of work waiting to be written.


No Kabort updates to give I'm afraid - just a small bubble of excitement to be racing at Nurburgring this Weekend.

The only update I can give is that we're reviewing the form responses we've got so far!

A Virtual Road-Trip Around The World

This road-trip has absolutely flown by....from 500+ Hours when leaving South Africa, to now just over 40 (two days or so) - I swear University has its own Very Fast.

This weekend I'll be able to let you know what the plan is after the road-trip which is fun.

Unfortunately my GPS died on me on today's travels - and according to locals, it'll return after I pass "Yablon'ka Cafe", which is a couple of hours away.

Whilst was still active, I was able to get some photos of the lake I passed.


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