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An Incredibly Eventful Week...

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Good afternoon,

I hope you are all well, I'm feeling better than I did throughout the duration of this week, so let's find out why!


On Sunday, I continued to work through my rather large pile of past and present work and assignments.

By the end of the weekend I finished two lots of previous assignments meaning I had one previous piece left and two for an upcoming News Bulletin - annoying, but better than where I was heading into the weekend.

Also on this day, was a very special anniversary for Kabort. It was one year since Adam Pearce (the team principal) revealed his "Circle K" Concept to us...

In a commemorative post I wrote on the day, I said

Wow. I cannot believe it.
A year today, the Circle K idea was bought into fruition - It's crazy how time flies and how much things change over a year
From Adam's own words a year to this day "Something a bit different to fill in my Saturday afternoon. Very early WIP"
I don't think he envisioned doing all the LMP's, GTE's, GT3's, GT4's, V8's and TCR's in this scheme when he first announced it to the server!
Happy First Anniversary Circle K!!!

I then laid my head to rest.

The day went pretty normally...until I was asked to stay behind after the lecture (which was incredibly interesting as it was on Blogging and how to boost your blog/writing in search results and how to become a better writer.

At first, I thought it was going to be a discussion about my Blog or how I'm getting on in the current year...but no.

It was about my attendance. My attendance dropped to below 80% - which concerned and confused my lecturer/s...until we found out what had happened.

I failed my Public Affairs course in my first year - passed everything else with (pretty much) flying colours - so much so that I got 100/120 - had I got that 20 (from Public Affairs), there would be no issue - but I had to re-take it (In the second year, the year I'm in now) and unbeknownst to me, since the 25th January, 2022, I had lectures that I should have been attending, yet I wasn't.

My understanding of the situation (up until Monday) was that it was a first-year course/module, and because it didn't go towards my final grade, attending the lectures and trying the work was enough, obviously it wasn't.

On top of having Dyspraxia, the lecture clashed with my Tuesday's Photojournalism Module/lecture - which could have been a reason that I didn't flag it immediately.

Finally, at the start of every academic year, I take a mental note of my three courses and where they are/were - other than Photojournalism (the odd one out) they were all (x2) in the same room - as I wasn't aware of the Public Affairs re-take (at the time) - up until that point, I hadn't a clue which room it was in.

In supporting this, my lecturers usually (at the start of the year) publish announcements, these usually reminding me of my lectures (date and place) -

Truth be told, the the first proper time I properly thought anything was "afoot" was only the week prior when I got an email saying "Today's lesson is on now" and something about BigBlueButton/Online Meeting - I made note of it, but didn't "lose sleep" over it.

Prior to that, there was only one previous canvas announcement (in the Public Affairs module) on the 6th February - so, I guess it's like repeatedly getting slapped in the face and hoping one of them wakes you up.

My lecturer was very kind about the whole situation and insisted I was not in trouble - and was just relieved that we had caught "it" in time before I got in serious trouble/difficulty (had I caught it in Year 3, and had to re-take another in Year 3, there would be a huge risk of everything imploding and me not being able to focus on my final year/graduating.

It's like someone dolloping a load on your plate at an all-you-can-eat buffet "I can't manage this!"

Despite the topic, it was a very good and productive chat, and he said he'd talk to my other lecturers - on a downer, I left the classroom (and critically my laptop charger). I'd later receive an email saying I was to attend the lecture the next day (Tuesday) and complete both Public Affairs assignments - the first being due on the 14th March, less than a month away. I closed the email, clicked my neck, and fired up into my "IMIAM" (Immediate Mass Information Absorption Mode) and studied the night away.

Eventually, I managed to finish 4 weeks worth of content and be up to date on "Attempt 2 Of Public Affairs"

Upon looking at the calendar, I was hesitant, but knew I had to attend to ensure I passed Multimedia Journalism.

"2pm - 5pm: Photo-Journalism"

"4pm - 7pm: Public Affairs"

02/22/2022 - Twosday.

After a leisurely morning, my rather hectic afternoon began.

I packed my bag and headed to my lecture. I knew that today was going to be different (with the two lectures), but HOW differently it'd go, I'd only find out on the day.

Usually I walk along the road to get to my lecture building, but this time, I felt adventurous and decided to take a little detour, up some stairs I'd usually walk past.

Upon walking through the (lower) Campus, the many stairs and railings reminded me of parkour videos, and how this'd make a legendary parkour course...but then I realised for actual walking purposes, this was like driving around Monaco, tight and twisty, and certainly a slower way to my lecture building.

Upon arrival, I looked in my bag for my laptop charger, and realised that it wasn't in there...I swore I put it my bag that very morning (I later found out that I was remembering Monday morning)

The lecture itself was an absolute blast - and I'm going to say that sparingly - my lecturer for Photojournalism is great, it's just photo-journalism is a very technical course, and all about composure and taking the photo/analysing the photo, as opposed to "slapping a picture of a Morgan on the front cover of a magazine and calling it a day."

The reason this lecture was so good was because it was crystal clear - and I understood all the terminology/topics taught. Essentially, it was about signs, symbols and icons and what they resemble.

One of the things I was taught was the difference between the signifier and the signified - one being the sign's physical form (a sign with a deer on it), whilst the other (signified) is the representation behind it - the triangle shape represents an advanced warning (using a code we've learnt) so it's an advanced warning of a situation involving a deer or other wildlife - in turn, the viewer would have to be wary of potential deer - because it's woodland/natural deer grazing ground.

We - well, no, I (nobody else turned up for the first 50 minutes) learned that to get meaning - you need two things: context and information.

May 9th, 2016.

Take this date. I've given you (the reader) no context or information, it's just a date and meaningless.

If I now show this image - it gives you meaning and information, but not context - what is happening in this image? What is the significance of the date? How do these two correlate? Is it the finish date of the construction site?

That's where information comes in - The information is that on May 9th, 2016 a landslide killed 31 people.

with context and information, you/the audience can piece together the story and see that the MEANING of the image is the diggers helping the clean-up operation of the landslide.

The difference between information and context is simple - information is facts/stats/a statement, whereas context is the background.

Take the word "banger" - in three different scenarios/situations it could mean three entirely different things.

1) Bangers and mash (Sausage/s) (At a BBQ/outdoor event)

2) A song you really enjoy (you could refer to it as a banger)

3) An old car in bad condition (typically broken/beaten up/abandoned) 3b) A car that participates in full-contact racing where cars (purposely) crash into eachother to try and end up being the last one running

Following this lecture (which ended at 3:30pm, to allow me to grab something to eat and get to my lecture) I headed back to my accommodation to grab something to eat. It was during this time I met a very "intriguing" individual.

I think I noticed the guys a few yards ahead of me shaking their head, but made nothing of it...the man that just passed them, then locked eyes on me - I stepped onto the road, but he approached me and, being the kind gentleman I am, I listened.

The number of times a stranger has legitimately approached me and wanted something other than food or money, I can count on one hand, and pretty quickly I figured, he was one of the dozens who were asking for money.

I have to say, he was a confident speaker and had rehearsed his script very well...however the turn-off for me (after the whole "my mum has cancer" sob story) was after he asked for £1, he asked for 70p more - and honestly, that blew it.

I'm probably going to get scammed by sharing this advice - but if you're going to scam, at least do it properly - know how much a bus ticket costs - if it's a fiver, say you need a fiver - or tenner - the dead give away was the line "can I have 70p more" (or something along the lines) - because honestly, I didn't know how high he would have gone...and I'm not sure his tactic either...was it for me to get my wallet out? to just keep giving him change?

Whatever it was, I gave him the initial £1 he asked for and said (surprisingly sternly) "No."

I'm not one to talk, as I've never been in the position of extreme poverty or homelessness - but scamming people isn't the way to go - there's a chap that plays guitar under the tunnel in Wolverhampton, and he's pretty good - and I ensure to give lose change I have - no, not everyone's good at guitar, but if you're sat as people approach you, it gives them (the passers by) a chance to open their wallets and drop a few coins - and in the end, it does add up (very slowly)

I'm not sure if the "underpass guitar player" does it weekly/on a certain day/time - but it makes my walk home pleasant.

After scrummaging around my accommodation a bit, I can't find my charger, and instead take my Pukka pad - hand-written notes are better than nothing.

The lecture is conveniently about the first assignment - just like last year - we've got to pick a question (about politics/journalism/the media) and write about it.

With COVID not dominating the news, news nowadays is (or was on Tuesday) pretty varied, meaning I could use a few examples from party-gate and other instances of the media covering politics and how that was done.

That night, whilst not stressing about the up-coming news was a rather special occasion.

I may have missed it (not recorded it) by 3 minutes, but I just missed a twice-in-a-life-time event.

22:22.22 on 02/22/2022 (02/22/22), on the 2nd month of the 2nd year of the daced on a Twosday/Tuesday.

11 years prior, the exact same thing happened, but with 1.

11:11 .11 on 11/11/2011 (11/11/11) on the 11th month of the 11th year of the decade.

Since there aren't 33 hours in a day, or 33 days in a month, the next time anything like this can happen is in the year 2222, in 200 years - by that time, not only will I be dead, but my children will be dead too - or very near the grave at least.

I know it's not significant and nobody cares, and the time has passed, but weirdly trivial things like these interest/satisfy me.

I was going to do a paragraph on the different uses of "to" "too" and "two" (you get the idea) but the moment's passed and it's history.

23/02/2022 - Too Late To Celebrate Twosday Tuesday

Wednesday 23rd February was the 1 Year Anniversary of my second F3 podium in a row at Road Atlanta (my first being at Brazil) - in this race I went from 7th on the grid to 3rd place after several race-long battles!

This was a talking point post-race...

With anniversaries over, it was time to head onto campus for that week's Multimedia News Production lecture/News-Day.

Upon arrival at my lecture/News-day I was BEYOND relieved to find my laptop charger plugged in at the wall, EXACTLY where I didn't pick it up on Monday afternoon.

With me having nothing to show (being pre-occupied with other assignments), I was given the task of being the producer for the day - organising the order the programs went in, the intro (of the whole show) and the introductions into each separate story/article.

Listening to the live broadcast (in the room), it sounded very professional - I don't MIND my own voice, but I don't "love" it either. It's just "there" - but I hate the sound of my voice when I'm talking to people!

Maybe I'll just stay behind the scenes/working on magazines my whole life!

After another successful newsday (And another without my voice in), we had a quick de-brief and then a chat about work placement/work experience - which is two weeks, doing something related to journalism/media in a company/workplace.

I've already got an idea of where/who I want to do work-placement with - it's just about getting a stationary plan into motion.

Following that lecture/newsday, I had a lot of weight off my shoulders - I didn't have to worry about contacting people regarding Olympics (as in the end it wasn't that much of a news-story) and I have two weeks to get down to UWRacing's HQ and record both Natural Audio and me saying "earlier on, I spoke to Shane Kelly"

I can't quite believe I'm going to say this,'s less than 100 days until I finish for the summer. Oh boy. Less than 9 months until I start my final year as an undergraduate *gulp*

This time next year, I should really have applied to Coventry University by now (possibly).

And with that I headed home for yet another long weekend ahhhhh

Thursday, 24th February

I wish not to get involved in politics, or international affairs, but my hand has been forced.

I, like millions of others, never expected Putin to push the "red button".

Yes, over the years, there have been countless spats - (prior to February, I'd describe it as an "oil and water" type relationship - difficult, but managable...

Managable in the sense it's like the neighbour that hates you - you live your life, they live theirs and if we meet, we ignore eachother...

I think my first genuine fear that something was (actually) going to happen was on the 22nd February, when this stark and shocking graphic appeared on one of BBC'S videos.

The map showed the positioning of Russian tanks

My first question was "what happens if they meet? Would they just own a chunk of Ukraine?"

My heart literally skipped a beat however when I heard my first ever air-raid siren live.

I've heard them on war documentaries - documentaries about places and times very far away, but that genuinely startled me - I can't even begin imagining being in Kyiv and hearing that - be that at age 12, 21 or 61.

I remained peeled to BBC News for much of the day, keeping up with the live updates as more and more missiles and artillery fell.

200 attacks in less than 24 hours.

I have no more to say other than #IStandWithUkraine

The one thing that stuck out to me in all of the interviews that they did, is that the Russian people and civilians do not want a war, or to kill or injure hundreds of innocent Ukrainian civilians.

It's not my place to say were the missiles and artillery were aimed, because I have done no research and I do not wish to spread mis-information.

My deepest thoughts are those caught up in this thoughtless conflict, and condolences out to those who have lost family, relatives and friends.

Right now, I could be out there, in a car, fleeing Ukraine - it was just the luck of the draw that I was born in a safe country, wear the only thing I have to worry about is "how late is too late to go to bed".

Thank you for reading.

Stay Safe.



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