A Virtual Road-Trip Around The World: Whizzing Around On European Roads

Hello from Rural Russia!!! Oh boy, this last weekend has been absolutely insane!

After having a quick snoop around Valencia, and the old Valencian (is that right?) F1 Street Track, I hit the road first visiting Portimao Circuit, in Portugal, before.. - heading out to Europe's most Westerly point: Cape Roca in portugal before then starting the loooong road east.

Being In Many Places At Once

During my time touring the world - the Kabort boys have been hard at work - no, we didn't get any results (or entries) at the final race of the NEC (Nurburgring Endurance Championship) series at the start of the month (1st), HOWEVER... I did miss Lars and Thomas absolutely dominate the ELMS (Endurance Le Mans Series) race at Monza - winning out-right - to Kabort every win matters and I was gutted that I couldn't be there, but it gave Andy a chance to join the boys for the podium celebrations...so I guess there wasn't an excessive amount of guilt for that one.

Also on the 7th - 8th, in America, was the XRL 24 Hours Of Daytona...which turned turned out incredibly poorly and unfortunately a DNF.

A week after ELMS was at Monza, it was ISRC's (iRacing Sim Racing Challenge) turn to race at Monza - but unfortunately, this too turned out poorly and ended up in a retirement as well.


Before I knew it, I was in Toll-Country: France.

I considered visiting Pau, but with time being tight, I just stuck to the Bay Of Biscay, passing the the picturesque towns of Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Nantes before going out to "Brest" just for the jokes, and to get a picture of the sign! From here it was a trip across Northern France, missing the traffic-heavy mess that is Paris.

Spa Francorchamps was next on the GPS - and after a cheeky lap in the Toyota (INCREDIBLY Memorable) I'd head through my home country (mother/paternal grandmother is from there) of Germany - passing by some very memorable towns which I remembered from my childhood. Cologne, Dusseldorf, Kassel being amongst these.

Germany's autobahn with little to no speed-limit really sped up my journey, passing through to Poland as quickly as my big ass tyres would allow.

I'd stop off in Berlin to have a little blast on the massive indoor waterpark they have there.

Poland zoomed by quicker than I thought....and then it happened. the Polish and Ukraine-ian border. I was going into the Slavic eastern region.

The environment changed significantly, from bustling towns and cities, the roadside was replaced by deep, thick towering forests.

I'd drive past Chernobyl at quite the distance - I'd rather not get radiation poisoning - especially on a road-trip as long as this.

Usually cities and countries flash buy in a matter of seconds - but in Belarus/Ukraine/Russia - there are much fewer "landmarks" (being a lot more rural) so time feels like it moves a lot slower.

In the past couple of hours, I passed into Russia....the final country before arriving at the Sea Of Japan coast - but as you already know - Russia is fucking huge!

So, From me, in a random field in rural Russia, it's goodnight - and I will see you soon!

My editing is improving!


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