A Tough Weekend At Le Mans

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Saturday Usually Kabort would run a couple of cars in a single race...however, the 7 hours of Le Mans was special...we ran on both days to celebrate such a historically significant circuit. Le Mans is endurance, and endurance is Le Mans.

On the Saturday would be the unbeatable GTE squad of Jamie Moylan, Daniel Newell and Joseph Griffin.

After Jamie qualified 12th, they were in good spirits for the race.

What they didn't expect however, was the monster that Jamie was! From 12th, he catapulted into 9th, and then launched from there into 3rd. This was truly something surprising and caught everyone off-guard (in a good way). Unfortunately, this podium position would only last 11 laps, as on lap 15, the car had to pit for fuel, and Joseph had to jump in. Joseph fell from 9th place down to 12th...and then went further still down to 23rd. But Kabort is all about having a comeback story, and over the next hours, Kabort slowly inched up the standings - with the help of retirements and pit-stops. By the 3⁄4 mark, Kabort managed to scramble up to 9th position, incredible for how low they were. It once again proves that it's not over until It's over.

Sunday Unfortunately, Sunday bought us less luck than Saturday did. Felix Nicol wasn't able to set a (clean) lap in qualifying, so we started P39. (39th) Starting so low down means that you can only go in one direction. Up. Felix started the race too and despite getting up to P32, this was only temporary, and we fell down P48.

For what turned out to be a torrid start, Felix did an incredible job of picking himself up into 33rd.

From here we slowly but surely, lap by lap, stint by stint managed to climb some more positions. After a lengthy race P30 was the best we could manage. This obviously caused some upset, and was discussed about after the race. LMP1

The LMP1 "squad" also joined us for Sunday's race. and with 2 Koreans, a Spaniard and a Brazilian with an iRating over 2000, we were in for a treat. Although they didn't qualify, they still had a trick up their sleeves...to avoid the turn one chaos, and nip through whilst everyone was struggling. This worked to great affect. Being in an LMP1, they were automatically promoted to P15, the back of the LMP1 grid. Despite a slightly shakey start, gaining a position or three, they found their feet and pressed the loud pedal. The LMP1 team managed to get up to the outer edge of the top 10, before dropping a few places whilst swapping over to João Paulo. From here, the Brazilian would only climb higher, managing to sneak into the Top 10. A 6th place from 15th in an LMP1 was not the worst race we've had! But everything can be improved upon and hopefully we can have a better race out in Twin Ring!

Endurance Le Mans Series, Le Mans, Week 4 ET: 45 (Sat ) | 49 (Sun & LMP1)


Q: GTE Sat: 12th (Jamie Moylan) | GTE Sun: 39th (Felix Nicol) | LMP1: DNQ

R: GTE Sat: 9th | GTE Sun: 30th | LMP1: 6th

F: GTE Sat: 33 | GTE Sun: 35 | LMP1: 28

S: GTE Sat: 45 | GTE Sun: 48 | LMP1: 49

SOF: GTE Sat: 2016 | GTE Sun: 1727 | LMP1: 2202!