A Sad String Of Retirements

Donington Park VRS

ET: 20


Q: Maxim qualified us 14th (4th to last Ferrari)


F: 10

S: 20

SOF: 1902

HELLO! I AM BACK! I have returned! Let’s continue with the race reports..

Donington started well, however when Maxim came in, he left me with 20/25x – (mostly due to off-tracks) and with a couple of off-tracks, and an Audi rear-ending me the race was cut short, and Florian didn’t even get a chance to drive, Especially annoying as he woke up so early…

Watkins Glen

Watkins Glen was building up to be a really big event for us at Kabort – a polished livery finally on the car, so many drivers to fill up two cars, and a new driver who could work out stints….yet it was all about to go so wrong!

The Team Principal, who was meant to lead and guide the entire team had to go to a university open day, leaving Dave South, Sven Jansen, Maxim Badidi and Tim Kasigkeit all alone. Max and Tim couldn’t load the livery for the session.

Kabort Motorsport GOLD (South and Jansen) lined up in 22nd ahead of Kabort Motorsport 2 (Badidi and Kasigkeit) who lined up 31st

Kabort Motorsport Gold

Despite losing one position on Lap 1, Sven managed to claw back three positions and stay solidly in 20th…On lap 15/16 Sven had another burst of positions, jumping into 17th.

The first pit-stop dropped GOLD into 29th, not an ideal pit-stop, but salvageable… South drove the wheels off the car and managed to get it up to 19th after a tough struggle, only dropping a couple of positions on his last few in laps.

Gold then dropped to 30th after the next pit-stop…but a terminal engine problem ceased progress after managing to get it back up to 28th.

Kabort 2

Compared to GOLD, Kabort 2 got an absolutely blistering start, managing to get up to 22nd from 31st…however this dropped away incredibly quickly – possibly due to damage. By lap 14, they had returned to 30th. After a couple of laps of fighting for 29th, Maxim lost the position. Hope was to come on Lap 23, when Max managed to get up into 26th, passing GOLD momentarily, before being disqualified. It was a tough race for all, but at least we can all focus on Spa Francorchamps now.

ET: 37


Q: Gold: 22nd (Jansen) | Kabort 2: 31st (Badidi)

R: DSQ (33rd) | DNF (26th)

F: 25

S: 35

SOF: 1858