A Review Of "WOSR Fast Fridays" An Interesting Concept With Mixed Interest

I've briefly bought up WOSR Fast Fridays Before (albeit - probably not clearly) but wanted to have a little look at Kabort's involvement in these

Started on the 22nd January, the WOSR (World Of Sim Racing) Fast Friday series/league provided extremely short races (usually shorter than 10 minutes) that helped/helps drivers with race-starts and the chaos/tight and close fighting they can bring.

In Founder of WOSR David Trueba's words:

"Fast races only thought to handle situations of race start. I think that it is something that really is not worked too much in endurance teams and that this type of practice can help us all to accommodate body and mind. Because yes, you have little to gain and much to lose in these situations! The plan is to make it coincide with special events and private championship races. Make it practical."

The first of these "Fast Friday" races was held on the 22nd January and coincided with the Daytona 24 Hours (shudder). The first race would be 7 laps, the second (and feature) would have 10.

There was massive interest and Kabort entered more than 5 entries in the 17 car grid consisting of GTE's and LMP2's

In Heat 1, Kabort would finish:

5th (Joost, LMP2) 8th (Pearce, M8 GTE)

13th (Truswell, Huracan GT3) - First In Class 14th (Villazon, Huracan GT3)

and a DNF/Disconnect from the final car of Jensen.

At the back of the grid, I'd have a BLAST battling away with Villazon.

In the second - and feature race, Kabort's results would be slightly less desirable: 11th - Pearce 12th - Villazon - First In Class 13th - Truswell (would crash, but stay in session DNF - Bouwmeester DNF- Jensen

We'd shortly join them during the Daytona 24 Hours - however we'd get DSQ - I've told the story a million times and they'd go on


On 29th January (the next week) the series would run at Suzuka (for fun) putting the Porsche 911 Cups against the two GT4 cars (BMW M4 and Porsche Cayman). Though I ran predominantly at the back, I'll admit - it was "frustrating fun" - fun racing/in the GT4 - but frustrating being so far back. At least I was second in class in the first race!

Despite pushing hard, Truswell would finish far behind

Suzuka attracted less attention (not being based on a special event) - only 4 of the 11 cars entered being 911 Cups. This led to both Marco Pereira and Jorge Llera standing on the 911 Cup podium for both races at Suzuka - Jorge also winning his class at Daytona (Heat 1) before winning the overall race at Suzuka in his class.

After a week break, the series would head to Interlagos for some LMP (LMP1 & LMP2) on GTE action!

Interlagos (02/12/2021)

To be quite frank - Interlagos was a bit of a disaster. A wrong serve-rname and password (in the beginning) could have confused people...but I wasn't expecting only WOSR members to turn up...and only 9 of them (one watching and one LMP2 not participating due to the all-but-him GTE field).

There'd be a select choice of GTE's you could choose from - the Ferrari GTE not being one of these, meaning that for the first time since Week 13, I'd be driving the Chevrolet Corvette C8.R GTE.

I'd qualify a whopping two seconds slower than the car ahead of me - who himself was two seconds off the guy ahead.

In both races, I'd finish last in GTE Class - the first a spinning BMW GTE putting me out of contention and indeed the race - the second, me finishing 15 Seconds behind the car ahead...ouch.

It was a WOSR 1,2,3,4,5 in qualifying - the red car and undercover WOSR Driver.
The first rule of motorsport is "Don't hit your team-mate" - What if every car on the grid IS your team-mate?

In the end it'd be a WOSR 1,2,3,4 with Kike Martin crossing the line in 4th just 0.026 seconds ahead of 5th placed Victor Abellan

Race 2 was very much WOSR VS Non-WOSR - WOSR having all but 2 cars in this race
Many seconds (if not minutes) off pace and dead last, Truswell was rather frustrated
For Victor (and the Non-WOSR-Members) it was a win - WOSR took the remainder of the podium and race positions

After another week break, WOSR was back, and back in business! Bathurst

Being off a special event, WOSR "popped" again recieving a bumper 17 car grid. For myself (personally), Bathurst was a very messy ordeal - getting involved in a few accidents and fortunately retiring out of the second early so that I could watch the start of Kabort's Bathurst 12 Hour shot.

I will say, however - that I finished the first race 0.034 behind the driver in 10th - so that was a positive! (Unfortunately, in a rush and a mood after getting crashed out) I quit the race without saving the replay - so didn't get a snap of the photo finish (or indeed any of the race) - but I did record a video.


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