A Rather Standard Week

Hello, Hello, Good afternoon!

I've actually had an alright week, all things considering.

Monday Monday Saw the launch of the new McLaren F1 car, which looked exactly the same as the previous years, except this time with a "Ricciardo" sticker in the place of Sainz's


Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) saw me eat Pancakes at lunch and have a rather frustrating F3 Race at Brazil.

I was supposed to do the 3pm time-slot but iRacing had an update which finished only a couple of minutes after, so I did the 5pm one.

This started badly - after hitting 27's - 29's in practice, I qualifed with a 1:31 - massively off what I was capable of - me putting a wheel off at the exit of the first S-Bend, forcing me to do a "banker" lap on the second attempt.

The race started well....for about half a lap before I got caught up in this huge shunt - I admit I should have really used the brake pedal...and I'm not even going to use a lousy excuse - it was poor form from me - but it's just unfortunate that everyone else had the same attitude going into the accident too.

The steering would be alright - and surprisingly so would my rear wing - but I front wing would take one hell of a whack and unfortunately lose me heaps and heaps of time - the top-speed I lost was un-recoverable.

I played it down, and probably should have - only pitting when I got lapped. I should have pitted after I had the accident.

After two days of mulling it over, I've decided that I'm going to give Brazil another shot - The question of "what if" really getting the better of me since.

Tuesday also saw the beginning of a new MOFO Series - this season being 12 races at 6 tracks (one heat race and one feature race).

This began at Brands Hatch and was huge fun, even though I frustratingly took out Nick Daman.

With the next race at Silverstone, I'm very much looking forward to this series - even if it means missing out on the PLR League which happens on exactly the same day and time every week

The MOFO league was split into Pro and AM class...so maybe I'll get an AM podium one day.


Wednesday (yesterday) is what I'd class as a "dead-day" - other than sorting files in "Kabort's Year In Pictures" and seeing the new (lush) Alpine livery.

Looks very subtle, but nice - but there's talks of it being an "interim" livery - so weather they are doing the good old Red Bull technique of having a "testing" livery before an actual one, I'm not sure. For now, I'm off to Brazil!


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