A Great Week To Build Up To The Big Weekend

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Once in a very long time, you get a week that goes so smoothly that you wonder if you've just lived your own life or someone elses. This week was example of just that.

Monday was just a normal dreary day, nobody likes Monday. But Tuesday was where things finally got interesting. Tuesday was my one year anniversary of being on iRacing - 365 days ago, I created an iRacing account - little did I know what it would turn into! I published a post on the iRacing forums to celebrate - and am in the process of writing a One Year Anniversary Blog Post. Also on this day, I went to town and ordered a celebratory cake which would arrive the next day. On Thursday the celebrations kept on coming as Maxim Badidi finally hit B-Licence - allowing him to have the required licence to race in the Endurance Le Mans Series Championship. Maxim's last race was the VRS race at Suzuka - and last special event was the 6 hours of The Glen. I'm in a too positive mood to mind about failing my Maths GCSE - Yes it's sad, and yes I could have worked harder or asked for more time before hand, but the fact is that that is the past, and now, just like with Eleven9 Motorsport - it's time to look into the future - look at the the things that I can change going forward. And with a potential personal maths tutor, and being more focussed, I've got a high chance. Late on Friday night as I write this the stints have been completed, the drivers (bar me and Carter Hutcherson - are sleeping and there's a weird calm before the storm...everything is still...The stillness of readiness and detirmination. There will be drivers tomorrow that have put their all and everything into practicing this race,- there will be drivers who will be attempting their first endurance or first 24 Hour race, there will be veterans but all will be running liveries specially made for the team - but which livery will be seen after 24 gruelling hours? All of those list will start - but only the strongest will survive...tempers, cars, and parts will be put to the very limit. Turn one will decide the pecking order...from there it's just about making it to the end...and avoiding those who don't.

Come, join me and Kabort Motorsport on a massive adventure.

This. Is The Daytona 24 Hours. https://www.twitch.tv/hutchmotorsports/ - Watch live from 06:30 GMT Saturday 18th January 2020 and watch all the action live.