A Great Race To Finish The Weekend.

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Before I begin, I must congratulate all those who took part in the Daytona 24 Hours - from famous streamers, to Ex-Kabort drivers, to your average Joe - I hope you all had a blast and got a decent result. An especially big congratulations must go to Eleven9 Motorsports, who recently (or semi-recently) got their first win at Road America whilst ELMS was there. This is a team that's only existed since early November at they've already got a win... I've got to say it - Eleven9 is going somewhere...and fast. starting 9th and finishing 11th at The Daytona 24 - the win prior was clearly not just a one-off feat. But, alas, back to Kabort. Rob and Justinas decided to do the Sunday ELMS race at Le Mans, due to not being available on Saturday. After failing to set a valid lap-time in qualifying the odds were against the duo. After a solid start from Robert, Justinas kept up with the pace of the Canadian. Working as a team, they would go from 29th up to 20th by the end of the 5 hours, only losing one position in the last part of the race.

For such a long track, and to be so far behind, this was an incredible feat - and definitely one worth celebrating. Not only did they gain significant positions, they did it whilst keeping the car in one piece too.

Team R&R is a solid but fast team - and I hope to see this team continue to florish in the the future.

Sorry about the shorter blog, as I wished, they kept the car in one piece, so didn't massively vary in position. I'm glad they had a great time, and am looking forward to seeing both in Watkins Glen.

Endurance Le Mans Series, Le Mans, Week 3, Season 1, 2020

ET: 37



R: 21st (8th In Class)

F: 24

S: 35

SOF: 1972