A Bittersweet Month Of Racing (PT. 2)

Welcome back,

I felt the previous blog was "getting on a bit", so I decided to split it up.


The following day after the PeachTree 3 - which I was THROUGHOLY enjoying at the time (the chaos of cars everywhere), it was the NEC - The Nurburgring Endurance Championship.

I had promised Dominik that I would race this race with him, but as the start grew nearer, I felt like I didn't have enough practice, and I told Dominik that I wanted to have a shot at the Sunday slot.


Gumi/Dominik qualified us 26th, and it may have been a little bit low, but cutting through the field was/is my favourite part of the race.

My double stint got us/the team up to 12th position before Dominik took over...

His first stint was faultless - 3/4 of his second was also fine - about 3 hours into the race, we were 9th...and then it happened.

On our final lap, there was a backmarker that was massively quicker than us, and showing his nose at every oppertunity - granted, I should have said more, but I was probably looking at something else, or distracted.

It's also considering risk VS reward - he's got nothing to lose, he's in 23rd, we're in a potential Top 10 position - and letting him by would do no damage (to our race).

Anyway, along the Dottinghoe Straight, the backmarker pulls alongside us - at this point, I would have given up the position - nothing can be gained battling a backmarker into the final corners at the Nordschliefe.

Dominik opens his steering up for a fraction of a second, and at a corner like Bilstein Bridge, that's just something you can't do.

We both crash, the car's wrecked, we have lots of optional and required repairs.

To my UTTER surprise, we gain iRating - despite not finishing!

It turned out that a whopping 29/51 drivers did not finish - and a further 2 more were disqualified - meaning only 21 finished (had we finished in 9th - it would have been a +20 odd gain in iRating, but that's life.

This season really hasn't gone well for me - starting at 1215 iRating, shooting up to 1254, and then bubbling between the 1174 - 1217 range since. My most recent race to date (27/07/2022) leaving me with 1182 iRating.

It was also the day I had a MASSIVE Breakthrough on a different title.


Since January 28th, 2022, I had been stuck on a mission in which you had to collect barrels/cannisters from around the map, whilst a tornado follows you closely - destroying everything in your path and threating to sweep you up off your feet.

Being at University between January and May/June didn't help progress - but whenever I could, I inched further in progress - discovering new and more efficient additions to my route.

Partially the reason this took 170 days (5 and a half months) was partially down to motivation - I had been beaten by this level/the tornado so many times that I had been put off (Teardown), and I suppose the break helped - each time I attacked the mission, I attacked it with a different perspective - and eventually that perspective took me to the finish line.

As always, once the mission was done, it was "onto the next" - and fortunately the tornado had passed, and snow had started, so I had time to plan out a route.

18/07/2022 - 19/07/2020

I'll be honest. The last time I was on the mainland (not the Isle Of Wight) was the 12th July to see Jurassic Park Dominion.

The next vaguely interesting event was a week later, on the 19th July, 2022 - when the iRacing tracks switched for the week.

From here, things started to get a little more interesting and my calendar filled up - not so much for July, but for August.


Time flies and it was Wednesday once again.

Race-day returned, and since Spa (24 Hours) was that very weekend, I decided to switch it up slightly and drive a Ferrari since that's what I'd be racing on the weekend.

Usually I'd prioritise sticking to one car per season - and doing a GT3 Challenge race in a Ferrari and special event in a Lamborghini, but I feel they are both similar and I "understand" them both.

The Merc however, has the engine in completely the opposite direction than either the Ferrari or the Lambo, and handles completely differently - so I wanted to give myself a few laps of relevant "racing practice" (even if it was in a fixed setup) before the race - instead of learning the track in the Mercedes and potentially unlearning my braking points/turn in points.

I wasn't doing "terribly" well in the Mercedes in previous races this season, so I decide "fuck it, it'll be 20 minutes of fun".

I eventually finished 8th after starting 7th on the grid - so not a whole massive deal of improvement - but invaluable practice.

The next race after that was the Spa 24 Hours, but I'll probably write an individual blog, since it's a special event. (but I did finish, so that was good).

21/07/2022 - 25/07/2022

I'll admit - it's been a pretty quiet week, but I suppose that's okay given that August is going to be a mental month.

On the 22nd July, 2022 my new 2022-2023 Academic calendar arrived - it may be an A4 (compared to A5) - but it's thinner and there's more page-space to write in.

As I mentioned before, between the 23rd-24th July was occupied by the Spa 24 Hours - spoiler: I fired it into the wall at Blanchimont - but more on that later.


I was spied testing at Lime Rock Park in the McLaren GT4. At the time nobody could guess who the mysterious driver in the subtle - yet OBVIOUSLY attention-seeking McLaren GT4 was - I'll admit, it wasn't the GREATEST test in the world, Lime Rock isn't exactly a track you can get your foot down and test the limits, being only 1.5 miles and having a sub-1 minute lap-time.

26/07/2022 - GT4 or GT3?

Tuesday saw the start of another iRacing race-week - and after looking at schedules for both GT3 and GT4, I was pretty stuck and I knew I had to go on a "track spree"

GT4 was headed to

Winton Motor Raceway (W7) - 26/07/2022

Fuji International Speedway (W11) - 23/08/2022

GT3 was headed to:

Sandown International Speedway (W7) - 27/07/2022

Hungaoring (W8) - 02/08/2022

Mid-Ohio (W11) - 23/08/2022

Meaning that no matter what series I was to do during W7 & W11 - I was going to have to buy something.

From the 16th August - 29th August I am completely booked up in my real life - so I chose not to buy Mid-Ohio, but as I had a little money left over in my PayPal account, I chose to buy Fuji too (the money is already out of my account, so I seized the opportunity to get a little bit of useful content - The following week after the 29th August is Week 12 - I might do a sneaky test in a GT4, or round out what's been a pretty difficult GT3 Challenge season. I'll have 1 week of racing activity before Uni kicks back off for my final year