A Bittersweet Month Of Racing (PT. 1)

Welcome back!

To summarise:

28th June: Left Isle Of Wight to do Land's End To Lowesoft Run. Met with will in the south of the UK 29th June: At exactly 9:36pm we set off from Land's End headed to Lowesoft 30th June: After arriving in Lowesoft (after the sun had risen, I grabbed a McDonalds, ate it and then slept for a few hours - just until I was allowed to check in.

On the 1st July, I left the hotel and returned home to the Isle Of Wight, passing Beulieu Garage along the way - seeing some pretty nice cars in the garage such as an AC Cobra and Jaguar E-Type.

By the time I caught the ferry, it was about 4/5pm, and after quite the day, I wasn't really in the mood for racing

2nd July

The following day was a Saturday - and indeed time for the NEC (Nurburgring Endurance Championship).

Not long before the start of the race, I told Dominik (my team-mate) that I wasn't feeling it - having not been home the past few days, I hadn't got the practice in to feel comfortable, so we called it a miss, and I told him that I'd do the next one with him.

3rd July - 5th July

Between the 3rd and the 5th, I stayed home, stayed indoors and I assume just chipped away at assignments - probably nothing too overly interesting.

6th July, 2022

The 6th July, 2022 was the day on which I got my tyres changed (since my front tyres were quite close to the limit).

From memory, I believe I just worked through looking at Diary dates, and adding upcoming dates.


Before I knew it, my car was done, but I hadn't quite finished the piece I was working on, so I headed to Southampton Weatherspoons, and used their WiFi and ordered a VERY late breakfast - as they were still running the menu, and a sausage, bacon and beans sounded appealing.

As I was upstairs, a load of Police cars rushed passed the window - I thought it was because there was a station nearby, but it turned out that there had just been a stabbing, further down the street. A bit of a lucky call I say.

Before heading back to the ferry, I drive past a very nice park in Southampton, so I park up, use my parking ticket (sneaky!) and have a little look around before heading back to the car.

As it was still early, I got back to the Isle Of Wight early enough that I was able to do a race the same afternoon.

That week it was Watkins Glen...and long story short, it went piss poor and I had no pace.

I'm not sure if it was the car, or me just being shabby, but neither qualifying nor the race quite went my way.

During qualifying, I was 3 seconds off the pole lap and second-to-last of those whom completed laps.

14th place (behind me) did a 1:49.363 - a further two seconds slower than me.

The race went equally as poorly - usually I can keep up with the main "pack" - but this time, the gap wasn't reducing - and I wasn't catching the car ahead.

In fact, the only positions (from 13th) I did gain were:

12th - ahead of him on rolling start

11th (then 10th) - flew off wide on Lap 1, Turn 1,

10th (then 8th) - better run through Turn 1

Previously 11th and 15th then re-passed me on Lap 4.

Come lap 7, I'd re-take then-11th.

I'd have this taken off me on Lap 8 by a faster driver (previously 12th).

At the time The 11th place finish was the worst of my season - and (At the time), my only time finishing outside of the Top 10.

7th - 8th July

The 7th - 8th July were pretty quiet, it was assignment deadline day, but try as I may, I couldn't get the pieces submitted on-time. Next year will be pretty difficult, that's for sure.

One thing that did happen, was I received Dominik's new Kabort Mercedes livery - not Circle K, but still a stunning look.

The livery got it's first rundown at the Montreal race of the GT3 Challenge.

9th July

On the 9th July, I was asked by my friends in Essex for a little hand. As I hadn't seen them in a little while (at least two weeks), I was more than down to see them.

I boarded the 8am Ferry to Lymington and headed to Essex - I truly believe that this was the start of the "lovely" (if not too hot!) weather.

During this time, I took a picture of my dashboard and it displayed "26.5 degrees" - quite nice actually! (after the Grand Prix, on Sunday it hit 28 degrees celcius)

The errand to complete was moving a friend of mine out of his house. It's partially the reason why I bought an estate - for big runs like this (boot space, nostalgia and because Will recommended it.

The trip was done in two runs, and his house was completely emptied.

On the same day, we also headed out to the shops, and I saw two estates roughly the same age as mine - a 2004 MG ZT and an Audi (can't remember the model).

10th July

On the 10th, I watched the Austrian Grand Prix which was not a bad race...I think that's all we did, it was 28 degrees, so we mostly stayed inside!

11th July

The 11th July was a very productive day - I had Timon washed (Car-wash), I went to Leith Hill, the highest point in Surrey (first time with Timon), before heading to Evie's to watch the new Jurassic World Movie (Jurassic World Dominion).

It was an absolutely cracking film - incredibly enjoyable, and when we came out, we, or I - could hear the exact same lines of dialogue from earlier in the movie outside of the next screen over - there's was nothing - and no-one slipping in and re-watching half of the movie we had just seen!

Despite witnessing a little car-park bump (no visable damage).

That evening, whilst driving back to Evie's we saw something pretty remarkable - "The World's Fastest Jensen"