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50 Gone & 50 To Go: A 2-Year Update.

A year ago, I did a blog describing how my first 50 days have compared between 2020 (first year) and 2021 (second year) and what I got up to in those 50 days.

2020 - 2021:


Had I returned to University, I would have started on the 19th September, 2022.

A week prior to this, on the 12th September, 2022, over a phone call, I'd be given the choice of either:

A) Re-Taking my entire second year B) Re-Taking the courses I had failed in the second year.

2020 was already difficult enough. I only failed Public Affairs (politics etc.)

I don't know if it was the fact that everything was online, or I just got on/understood the work much better - or indeed it was the "easy" first year to get people enticed.

As far as I can remember, come the end of Year 2 (May '22), I only passed two (possibly) courses. The issue was that I couldn't re-take Year 2 and study Year 3 simultaneously - there simply wasn't time (lecturers have lives too!)

It left me in a difficult position - because, admittedly, I loved Uni - Wolverhampton was picturesque, I had a daily walk, I got the chance to live independently, the 3 Years (+ another one if I had done a masters) meant that I didn't have to stress about moving out.

I think it boiled down to two main things.

1) I have NO self motivation - I could procrastinate for years on end - and University is very much "self-dependent".

2) The work changed. Year 1 was very much about writing reports and was very much theory/writing based - Year 2 (with the easing of the restrictions) was very much practical based - and I've found out about myself that I don't like interviewing people.

If I failed Year 2, then what did Year 3 have in store - hell, what did the Masters have in store?

Sorting My Life Out.

The fortnight of the 5th - 19th September were probably some of the lowest months of my life.

Week 13 was going abhorrently (unenjoyable races)* The Queen passed, my PC stopped working and I was informed that I had failed my University Course.

Four problems, four different solutions.

But first, I had to end the week.

I participated in the London To Brighton Off-Road bike ride - which was nice - it got me outside and it took my mind off things - and I beat my time by about 1hr 30/2 hours, so that was nice - and there were actually cyclists behind me, so another major win there too.

It was difficult though, as it was likely the last ever Bathurst 1000km on iRacing using the current-gen Supercars (Holden Commodore and Ford Mustang) before they are replaced with GT4-esk Mustangs and Camaros (nothing too Aussie about them).

Week 13 (W = Day)

*W1 - Enjoyable (Le Mans)

W2 - Started P4 (second row) - Finished 19th due to jump start (Spa)

W3 - Great race at @ Road Atlanta, marred by the day's news (Queen passed)

W4 - Was crashed off the line (Rudskogen)

W5 - Boring race (Twin Ring)

W6 - Missed due to PC launching for 10hrs

W7 - Decent race, marred by news I failed Uni course (Road America)


Due to it being the Queen's funeral (After 10 official days of mourning), I delayed going to the job-centre until the following day.


On Tuesday (20th), I attended the Job-Centre and, I suppose "get on the ladder to a better future" - they were INCREDIBLY friendly and VERY helpful - I entered not knowing WHAT to expect - and I left with a stride in my step.

They first took my details and got me onto Universal Credit before organising a "Commitment Meeting" the following Week.


The following week started well - I met my "work coach" (I think that's what they call them), I filled out more details, and we narrowed down exactly what jobs/type of work I was looking for (retail etc, not carpentry/mechanical or something hands-on).

Upon coming home, I took my PC to Currys to see why it would fail to boot (Blue Screen Of Death type thing) - and it turned out that my E: Drive had broken and all my data on E: had been lost.

Upon coming home, I walked among the debris-field and took stock of the damage/s (files I had lost) - fortunately, it was mostly steam games (easily re-downloadable - game save-data is elsewhere), Replays (didn't watch them anyway ) and some other files I'm currently living (just fine) without.

All they had to do was remove the E: Drive and she fired straight back up.

On the 28th September, it was Week 3 of the iRacing Season, and my first race of the season/since the PC died.

That season (after a mighty successful ROAR Before The 24 bid), I decided to do GT4.

Thus Far:


















Barcelona Catalunya





Road Atlanta


6th (Thoroughly Enjoyable battle)





21st (Single Split)





8th (Shared race with Dominik)








Nurburgring Nordschliefe

23rd (Didn't Qualify)