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Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hello, Hello and Welcome to XBlog.

Since I'm no longer at the university campus and Christmas is coming up very quickly, I've decided to go for a temporary name change to "X(mas)Blog".

Wednesday 9th September, 2020

I awake in a big, comfy bed.

Today is my no-lecture day - and the day that iRacing would be updated with some juicy new content - Long Beach and a Lamborghini being among these.

I haven't played on AI Racing in a little while, so I had a bit of a play-around with this before getting a little bored.

I also realised that I missed out on "Game A Day" (gameplay footage of a car/driving/racing game every day) so I attempted to record Dissassembly 3D - but got flustered when I got caught up on my words - or I'd ruin the gameplay by making a mistake.

Whilst I was messing about, life went on as normal - people messaged me through Facebook and Discord and iRacing came back after the maintenance period and unfortunately I totally missed the first day of Week 13!

I was shocked, stunned and in awe to see the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo sitting there on iRacing...finally after all these years we had it. It was beautiful.

No quicker had it released, I bought it and tested it quickly out at Imola - it was nice, but it would truly come to life later on!!

I don't exactly remember the order of events for Wednesday - but there was a lot of failure messing around with Dissassembly 3D - that's for sure.

The day concluded with me practicing for the Laguna Seca 24 Hours with Will and his friends (Bob, Matt and Ryan) - Matt being our third driver.

I'd also attend an official practice session - FP1 - and beat some Pontiac Solstices with a couple of occassional 1:42's - and a single 1:41.

I may have been the slowest in the Jetta - but as long as I'm beating someone I'm winning!

The session with Will slightly over-ran and I devastatingly missed out on Glee with Annie - but I've got no plans tonight - so I'm going to make sure I watch it with her tonight!!

Thursday 10th December

I woke up, checked my news feed, sat on my laptop for a little while, attended my Key Concepts Of Journalism lecture (on the second assignment) and planned to do the 2:30pm week 13 race at Long Beach.

I've got to sort of get used to home life as firstly - I'm now having lunch and secondly, in comparison to when I could just get up and cook myself a meal, since my darling parents are now cooking - I've got to give them plenty of pre-warning as to when I was ready to eat.

Long story short, lunch was ready at the same time my Week 13 race was, so I scrapped the race, had lunch (twas delicious) and then shortly (couple of minutes or so) returned upstairs before coming back down to sort the newly acquired and delivered Christmas tree - both bringing it inside and "erecting" it.

I'd do my week 13 race following this. Surprisingly, I'd meet Nick Daman in this race!

Despite an early charge up to third, I'd get caught up with the drivers in 4th and 5th and quite the mess would be caused.

With the racing over, and me officially giving up on Game A Day (what a stupid idea!), I told Annie that I could watch Glee - it was a blast and Season 3 is turning out to be an absolute banger and a half - and one of my favourites to date!

It was getting fairly late by the time I had finished, but with Donington Park being the next track on the Week 13 schedule for the Tin Top Tussle (the series in which the Lamborghini resides) I knew I had to give it a shot!

And I gave it rather more than a "shot" - listening to the gloriously beautiful singing V10 scream its way around Donington for hours on end. In the beginning, I was high up in the overall order - but as more joined I slipped down - but it gave me some huge positivity for the upcoming race.

I knew I should have attended the official 24hrs Laguna Seca Practice - but seeing as I did it the previous day (with no REAL success) I think it was alright.

Friday 11th December, 2020

I wake up at 2pm, Ouch.

It's like waking up after a heavy night of partying you're wondering what on earth happened - and why you didn't wake up at a better time - enough moaning!

I grabbed my phone and laptop, pumped this blog out and then decided to have brunch - maybe a 5 or 6pm Week 13 race will allow plenty of time for everything.

Today's week 13 race was at Donington where after starting 6th, I'd slip through the carnage to 3rd, before spinning out under pressure and finishing a half-decent 5th place - after finishing 6th at Long Beach Yesterday this was a small improvement.

Following a single episode of Glee, I'd have a bath with some warm chocolate and a muller....before realising I hadn't done a single, solitary lap in the dark.

After a dozen laps in the pitch black, I'd eventually then hit the hay


5th December: Arrive At Laguna Seca stupidly late (10pm/11pm)

6th December: 6am - Gates open and meet the mechanics

7th December: Trip out to Hollywood Hills, Las Vegas and Los Angeles 8th December: Trip to The Alien-Inn & Extraterrestrial Highway | Daytona 12hrs Practice - didn't attend

9th December: Returning to track after night away and preparing Jetta 10th December: 00:30 - FP1, Beat the Solstices. There was a GMT Friendly session too

11th: December: Last day before race day!


1st Dec: Gran Turismo Sport (No Console/Game) 2nd Dec: Automobilista 2 (No Game) 3rd Dec: Roblox - On Channel

4th Dec: Uphill Rush 2 & 6 - On Channel 5th Dec: Wild Animal Racing (Music Too Loud & Quite laggy)

6th Dec: Crash Wheels - On Channel

7th Dec: Disassembly 3D - Not enough racing - and quite boring to watch.

8th Dec: Mudrunner - No racing element - no motivation - not really a fleshed video idea, just "oh look, this car can't make it up a hill"

9th Dec: Game A Day Ceases | Wreckfest 10th Dec: Stopped due to the amount of editing and work that needs to go into every video -I don't find it enjoyable, missed on a hell=lot of notifications and it's something I don't want to be doing and I greatly commend those who somehow do manage to somehow do it and keep a positive mentality on life. As for Week 13 - returned home on Tuesday 8pm, didn't have the motivation or real urge to race in any of the series - especially as the F3 wasn't present in any.

As mentioned, Wednesday spent half the day trying to Disassemble an F1 car - so Thursday will be debut day, partially due to my own stupidity.

The concept:

10th Dec: BeamNG Drive

11th Dec: GTA V


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